The Ego Equation

According to the Chambers Pocket Dictionary, the definition of ego is ‘personal pride’ or ‘one’s image of oneself.’

When it comes to leading, having high self esteem and confidence in your abilities are all great characteristics.  Having an ego the size of a house is not.

Over the years I have found the following calculation to be true on a regular basis:





Now all you mathematicians out there will have already spotted that the bigger the ego gets the smaller the capability becomes.  Ooh, I do like a bit of an equation!

OK I admit, if you go too far the other way, very low self esteem isn’t great in the leadership stakes either.  But you get my drift.

And what do I do if I feel my ego ascending to unhealthy heights?  I usually use humour to bring it back to normal.  Laughing at myself always does the trick.

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