Change: Getting PREPared

Whatever our technical background or leadership experience there are many things to consider before we set off on a programme of change.  In this case, it’s personal!  We certainly need to invest in getting ourselves ready and in the right state of mind.

So here are my suggestions for a bit of PREP

Precious People: Remember at the centre of everything there are people. Some we might like, some we might dislike. One thing is for sure that without them the world would be a lonely, boring place. When we’re embarking on a programme of change it is really important to know who are our true friends, allies and champions. They want us to succeed and together we can help each other.

Resilience: How often do things go right the first time? How often do we become experts after our first attempt? In a fast-moving world like ours it can be easy to assume that all actions result in instant reactions. More often than not to achieve what we really want we have to dig deep and keep trying or take those knock-backs on the chin and keep going. Being resilient is a true asset; not in a Terminator, robot-like way, just by being calm and persistent.

Enthusiasm: If we want to get things started and make changes it is important to be enthusiastic about what we are trying to achieve. You don’t have to be an extrovert or flambouyant orator; enthusiasm can be demostrated through calm dedication. Whatever your personal approach, being enthusiastic and positive is key to success.

Pause Pact: When we’re ‘on a mission’ to make things happen it can be easy to forget about ‘you’. Long hours, plans to implement, ideas a-flowing; it’s challenging and exhilarating ……….and quite tiring. No matter how buzzing we are and no matter how invincible we feel, we need to take a bit of time for ourselves. Go for a walk, spend time with loved ones, listen to some music, visit a museum, get a group of friends together and share a couple of beers. Whatever works for you. Just make sure you step out of your daily bubble and take a breather.

When we’re leading a team, project or business and making changes it’s important to PREPare ourselves. How do I know? Well, these are the things I have learnt over the years. The one I personally have to work on the most is the ‘Pause Pact’. Sometimes I just get carried away!!!!

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