Say Goodbye to the Flat-pack

Following flat-packed formulae from the ‘how-to’ library isn’t the route to success in our dynamic 21st century career landscape.

Bold words – maybe.

Based on practitioner research and experience – definitely.

I’ve spent years as a career nomad, moving, evolving and re-inventing. Plus working with our brightest minds and most entrepreneurial spirits gave me insights from a whole new perspective. This intriguing and real-world combination set me off on a mission.

🤔 What is it that enables some people to thrive in uncertainty; to create value in fuzzy spaces?

🤔 What aspects could be translated into a career development framework that enables you to thrive in an ever-evolving career landscape?

Uniting thinking and stories from science, engineering, entrepreneurship, leading-edge research, business; patterns began to appear.

Bringing this together with my desire to help people continually thrive and evolve in a dynamic career landscape, The Innovate Approach was born.

[ Side note: I’m quite pleased with my new graphic. It took a few hours of me pondering and doodling but I got there in the end 😉 ]

It’s guiding principles are:

Be the author of your unique career story. Set your own evolving measures of success and view every transition as an exciting new chapter.

Be a Career Adventurer. Reset your perspective on newness, uncertainty and change so you see, find and create opportunities everywhere.

Be a Value Creator. Free yourself from traditional transactional view of a career. Add value for yourself and others wherever you go.

It is specially designed to help you thrive in a dynamic career landscape by enabling you to…

☼ Maintain your career agility

☼ Avoid the Value Vortex

☼ Future-proof your career

☼ Make uncertainty your ally

The Innovate Approach is based on a life’s work and is here to turn career transitions, change and uncertainty into hopeful, positive career energy and ongoing opportunities for success on your terms.

You too can benefit from The Innovate Approach everyday by being a member of our Re-energising Your Career Hub. We’ll be by your side and on your side wherever your career adventure takes you.

Header image by ractapopulous on Pixabay.

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