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Helping you harness the power of the Innovating Your Career approach to create the next exciting chapter of your career story.


Your Personal 1-to-1 Career Crossroad Session

You’ve fallen out of love with your career or your plans have been derailed. You’re not sure if it’s time for a change. Crossroads brings a fresh perspective and re-kindles motivation.

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Your Personal 1-to-1 Career Pivot Package

You’re ready to move into new career territory. Yet it’s more challenging than usual. With Platinum you create a new vision of your future; move forward with purpose and confidence.

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Practical e-Course To Kick-start Your Career

You are at the beginning of your career looking for your first professional role. The practical eCourse is specially designed to help you kick-starting your career adventure.

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One-to-one sessions included in Career Crossroads and Platinum Pivot are via phone or Zoom.

I’m always happy to discuss your career aspirations or moving into new career territory. My free 30-minute career call is a great way to get the conversation started. Please follow this link to book via Calendly…

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