Career Crossroads

Career Crossroads Masterclass is…

… a one-hour upbeat, practical session for professionals who have temporarily lost their drive and become stuck because of sudden, unexpected changes to their career plans and aspirations.

After years of investing in your career, your plans were coming together. Long-term aspirations were coming to fruition.

Then, through no fault of your own everything changed.

Part of you feels angry. Part of you feels powerless. Logic and emotions have gone into battle. The result?

You are stuck and it’s messing with your confidence.

Whatever your situation, career path or aspirations, there are always forward. You’ve done it before and you can do it again. The only difference is that this time you might need a little help.

And that’s where the Career Crossroads Masterclass comes in.

The Masterclass is specially designed to enable you to turn career challenge into opportunity and move forward with renewed energy by harnessing the power of creative thinking tools and techniques.

Masterclass Overview

During the one-hour session hosted via Zoom on Wednesday 30 September 2020 at 14:00 BST, you will…

  • take a step back from the detail
  • view your situation from a fresh view point
  • learn ways to generate ideas and move them to action

The Masterclass uses creative thinking and a structured approach to help you get out of your current rut, let go of might feel like a career ending and move forward onto a new career chapter.

It’s an upbeat, practical session which combines the energy of meeting others with the chance for you to work privately on your own career challenge as you progress through the one-hour Masterclass.

Using tried and tested creative thinking tools and techniques, you:

✔️ Begin to understand your career challenge more deeply

✔️ Apply these tools and techniques to your personal career challenge

✔️ Leave with ideas you’ve generated and can put into action

✔️ Take time to invest in your creative Career Adventurer’s mindset

By the end of the session you will have…

🌟 A fresh perspective on a career challenge you may be facing

🌟 Invested in the agile thinking needed for career success

🌟 Developed your creative thinking skills and boosted creative confidence

🌟 Practical tools and techniques to use on your career adventure

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