Taking My Own Advice

It's easy to get lost in your own little world.  Wrapped up in what matters to you.  Deadlines to meet; places to be; people to see.  Nothing surprising or unusual about that, I know. What I've realised about myself is that if I go too far into this space I begin to lose perspective; getting... Continue Reading →

Portable Inspiration

While on my recent perspective balancing exercise I was reflecting on how easy it can be to lose sight of what we're trying to achieve and our motivations to succeed. In my e-guide The A to Z of Re-energising Your Career I mention vision exercises, personal commitment pledges and motivation manifestos.  All different means of... Continue Reading →

Taking Time To Reflect

I’m working on an exciting project which has challenged me on many levels.  I love it yet at the same time it frustrates the hell out of me. When I’m learning and applying new skills I sometimes forget to reflect on the progress I’ve made; focusing instead on my frustration at not being faster, smarter... Continue Reading →

Tips For Creating PPP

- - part of the Creating PPP series - - It's been great to think, collaborate and write about Portable Personal Power.  To close of this part off the series, here is a collection of 8 top tips, slideshare styleeee. Related Resources A to Z of Re-energising Your Career Avoiding Early Career Pitfallls Career Development... Continue Reading →

It Starts With You

Whilst curating resources for my series of blog posts on Creating Portable Personal Power (more about that in early February), I decided to turn on BBC Radio 2.  A few moments in and on came the Pause For Thought by Abdul-Rehman Malik.  What he said had a spooky connection to what I'm working on. He... Continue Reading →

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