Variety: Spice Of Life

Look behind the doors of universities around the world and you will find bright researchers working on amazing technical advancements.  Innovation is their watchword as they strive to solve global challenges everyday. Impact is another... the contribution the research will make to academic progress, society and the economy. The graphic on the left, courtesy of... Continue Reading →

The Power of Play

I really enjoyed the uplifting TED talk, 'Why you should make useless things', by Simone Giertz. She perfectly demonstrates the awesome power of play.  Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you're from, being more playful is natural and empowering.  It helps... lessen anxiety reduce fear and risk aversion spark creativity enable deeper learning inspire... Continue Reading →

Difference is ACE

Over the past few months many of my conversations have touched on the subject of diversity. Embracing and championing the value of difference is so important because it helps us... harness the power of various perspectives and experiences expand our potential and create opportunities beyond our wildest dreams learn, develop and innovate together build resilience... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Inspiration

While out and about a few days ago I walked past a mother and son.  He was probably about four years old. On passing them I heard him ask confidently...  "Do the bees like to smell the flowers?" I smiled to myself; a multitude of thoughts running through my mind. What a fantastic question! I... Continue Reading →

Enterprising Ideas

On a cold crisp morning in February I poured myself a coffee and sat in the lounge at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor.  It was time to reflect on the uplifting experience that was the SEPnet* Enterprising Ideas Competition. Judging done; winning team announced; I smiled quietly to myself.  How lucky I am to have worked... Continue Reading →

REAL Science

Our STEAMroom experiment in 2017 was a great success on many levels... and a lot of fun.  The montages we produced focused on the art, now it's time to celebrate the scientists who took centre stage. Firstly, a quick recap.  Each STEAMroom brought a scientist from the University of Surrey together with a group of... Continue Reading →

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