Early Career Support

Getting Into The Career Zone

The early stage of anyone’s career is an exciting and transitional time because getting in the career zone is new, unknown territory.  It is also a time when recognising your value and the impact  you can make can be a challenge.

Innovating Your Career

It’s fair to say I have had a varied career path.  From doctoral researcher to industrial chemist to business leader to entrepreneurial experimenter and talent developer.  I’m also proud to say that over the years I have helped thousands of people invest in their professional development and career development

I was inspired by these interactions and my own success (and shaky moments!) to create the Innovating Your Career approach; a practical framework for adopting the right attitude and approach to achieving career success.

Innovating Your Career Services

All services are designed to help undergraduates, doctoral students and recent graduates to set off on their own personal career adventure.

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► Online Course
► Kick-start Package
► Mentor Package

Online Career Course

The Innovating Your Career e-course is available on Udemy.  It is a practical and cross-disciplinary guide to kick-starting your career adventure.

Designed for those considering their first professional role, the e-course goes beyond advice and empowers students to invest in their career development.

Thought and Action

Enabling students to balance direction and independence, it encourages self-reflection, recognition of their skills and concrete target setting for their own career and development. Combining video and downloadable materials with practical activities, it helps them take the first steps on their personal career adventure.

Accessible and Impactful

As featured at the UKCGE’s 4th International Conference on Developments in Doctoral Education, a study into the impact of the Innovating Your Career e-course on career and skills development indicated that…

…. interaction with the course helped doctoral students to think more deeply about their own skills rather referencing what they have heard or think they should say.  It helped them to personalise and connect with their own skills narrative.

….the mix of guided self-reflection and practical tools/activities helped students identify personal career-related goals, aspirations and unexpected personal priorities.  As well as helping them turn insights into action.

“Instrumental in helping me move forward with future plans”   |   “The course gave me time to reflect on what I’m good at and the evidence for it”

Course Materials

Enrolling on the course gives students…

… lifetime access to all course materials  +  1 hour on-demand video lectures  +  39 downloadable resources  +  7 articles  +  multiple practical activities

More About The Course

Career Development Packages

Kick-start Package

Combines the personalised experience of the e-course with facilitated interaction with peers.

The package includes…

“I am not going to undersell my skills and abilities anymore!  A very useful session, thank you”.

Mentor Package

Combines the personalised experience of the e-course with confidential career conversations.

The package includes…

“Elaine is great at challenging you to see situations from several angles and at encouraging you to think of new ideas”.

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Getting in Touch:  I’m always happy to discuss your requirements or explore bespoke options.  Drop me a line and we can get the conversation started.

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