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Innovating Your Career

It’s fair to say I have had a varied career path.  From researcher to industrial chemist to business leader to entrepreneurial experimenter and talent developer.

Supporting others on their own career adventures is something that I have done for many years.  Following our conversations and my personal successes (and shaky moments) I was inspired to create the Innovating Your Career approach; a practical framework for adopting the right attitude and approach to achieving the career success you desire.

Re-energising Your Career

For many reasons people fall out of love with their careers.  Aspirations evolve; priorities shift; circumstances change.  Recognising the signs and being aware something doesn’t feel right are starting points for digging deeper and moving forward.

Free e-Guide:  A to Z of Re-energising Your Career

Full of practical tips and activities. It is designed to help you…

+ assess your current situation
+ re-connect with your aspirations
+ take action to re-energise your career

Click image for free pdf download.  No sign-up needed.

Career Mentoring

Being independent and self-sufficient are good traits in anyone…as long as it doesn’t mean being closed off from others.  There are occasions when everyone gets stuck, needs a sounding board or would benefit from an alternative perspective.

As an experienced Career Mentor, I have helped many people re-energise their careers.  Please get in touch for a confidential conversation to explore how I can help you.

Initial Career Mentoring Package requires your commitment to two 1.5 hour sessions.  Depending on location, these sessions will take place face-to-face, via Skype or phone.

“I enjoy working with Elaine and she continues to act as my sounding board and trusted confidante. Her wide-ranging real-life business experience means that she is able to contribute in many different ways”.

Beginning Your Career

My new online course, Innovating Your Career is now available on Udemy.

It’s practical and specially designed for people at the beginning of their careers; considering or looking for their first professional employed role.

As a valued visitor, use Coupon Code, EHWEB20, to receive a 20% discount!

Head on over there and kick-start your career adventure today.

More About The Course

Getting in Touch:  I’m always happy to talk things through with you to see how I can help or if I’m the right person to support your career adventure.  Drop me a line and we can get the conversation started.

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