Innovating Your Career

Career Landscape

For organisations, rapid change takes away the comfort of predictability and repeatability; doing the same thing and forecasting the same results based on the past isn’t a safe bet anymore.  Consequently, predicting future talent requirements is less straightforward.

Organisations obviously only exist thanks to people.  As experiences in 2020 have shown, to achieve success, be sustainable, to evolve, organisations need people who demonstrate potential and the ability to develop.  Markets, economies, societies are ever-changing so people and organisations must be ever-evolving too.

Career Adventurer

But what does this mean to people like us?  People who want to continually build a successful and rewarding career.

Dynamic change means you can’t stand still.  Evolving organisational requirements mean we have to evolve too.  Plus organisational change brings career opportunities for those who are prepared to learn and adapt.

To thrive in this type of environment you have to put aside old visions of prescribed career paths, expected next steps and professional snobbery.  Recognising that your career is personal, dynamic and unique to each of us.  My career story is personal to me.  Your career story is personal to you.

Our aim is to be career adventurers; moving with the times, finding and creating career opportunities as we go.

It’s fair to say I have had a varied career path.  From researcher to industrial chemist to business leader to entrepreneurial experimenter and talent developer.  I suppose I’ve always been a bit of a career adventurer.  Everything I have done is linked and is an evolution.  I am not one aspect of my career; I am all of it and more.

Innovating Your Career

Following a multitude of career conversations, professional development interactions plus my own personal successes (and shaky moments) I was inspired to create the Innovating Your Career approach; a practical framework for adopting the attitude and approach to achieving career success in our dynamic world.

At the heart of every successful career is value.

“…the importance or worth of something for someone; how useful or important something is…”

In other words, from a career perspective, the benefits to us as individuals and the benefits to the organisations we work for or with.

Finding and creating career opportunities; thriving in dynamic times requires a value match between you and the organisation.  They need X to succeed; you have the potential to provide the X they require.  You want to achieve Y; the organisation gives you the means to achieve it.

Plus, in a dynamic environment, this value matching needs to be taking place continually.  Not just when you’re looking for your first role or when you get stuck in a career rut.

My Innovating Your Career approach is designed to help you achieve these evolving and changing win-win value connections.  It is designed to help you build a successful, rewarding career which evolves with you and the world around you.

Four Key Elements

The Innovating Your Career approach is made up of four key elements…

OPEN:  be adaptable and understand your aspirations with a creative mindset

DISCOVER: shine a spotlight on yourself to demonstrate and appreciate your value

EXPLORE: go beyond your bubble to find and create career opportunities

ENGAGE: confidently communicate and have value-based conversations

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