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DISCOVER is the third element of The Innovate Approach.

These free resources are created and curated to help you honestly and positively appreciate and understand your personal value.

Enabling you to stay agile and resilient in an ever-changing career landscape.

DISCOVER: Appreciating and understanding your personal value. Recognising yourself as a source of value creation in your career mix.


Are You Rejecting Yourself? Why you can be your own worst enemy and how to help yourself. Dive in…

Valuing Your Treasures. You are a value creator in your career story. Here are tips on how to uncover your value and capabilities. Dive in…

Brain Boost

Know Yourself Better. One-page pdf on how to appreciate, be proud of and articulate your personal value. Dive in…

Slide Deck

Career is PERSONAL. Don’t let other people’s career ideals and success hold you back. Find out why your career is personal to you. Dive in…

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