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OPEN is the first element of The Innovate Approach.

These free resources are created and curated to help you invest in your creative mindset and boost your creative thinking.

Enabling you to stay agile and resilient in an ever-changing career landscape.

OPEN: Adopting, developing and maintaining a creative mindset. Embracing creativity and creative thinking as your default setting.


Feeding Your Creativity. Why being curious and playful feed your creative mind. Dive in…

Imagination. Insights into how Pam, an artist and social champion, harnesses and fuels their imagination. Dive in…

Brain Boost

Harness The Flip. One-page pdf on how to get a fresh view and move forward. Dive in…

Slide Deck

7 PITSTOP Tips. Ideas on how to thrive and build resilience in constant change. Dive in…

Been inspired or got ideas to share? Always happy to discuss your career. If you have questions or want to find out more, drop me a line to arrange a call and let’s get the conversation started today.

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