Motivational Masterclasses

Virtual masterclasses draw on my rich, varied knowledge and experience gained by working across different sectors, markets and technologies in product, business, talent and career development.

Each one is designed to be accessible and thought-provoking; encouraging action and positive change by putting the audience firmly at the heart.

45 minutes to 1 hour, they are hosted by you on your chosen platform.

Popular masterclasses…

  • Innovating Your Career:  Harnessing the power and energy of change to achieve career success in unpredictable times
  • Conversations and Connections:  Building and nurturing your network through positive connections and human conversations
  • Portable Personal Power:  Achieving success by breaking the constraints of traditional power

“I would absolutely recommend Elaine. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Participants walk away feeling valued and like they can take on the world!”

“Thanks to Elaine I’m now going to willingly be part of opportunities for networking, join some relevant groups and contribute to the discussions instead of being a silent member.”

“Elaine is great at challenging you to see situations from several angles and at encouraging you to think of new ideas.”

“Elaine helps you discover your potential to work anywhere.”

Always happy to chat about virtual masterclasses and your requirements. Let’s get the conversation started

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