Pick My Brains

Do you have a career conundrum?

Do you need a career sounding board?

Then an Ask Dr Elaine session is just what you need.

The Ask Dr Elaine sessions are 45-minute one-to-ones for professionals.

It is your opportunity to…

  • Explore ideas and aspirations
  • Share concerns and challenges
  • Confidentially discuss your career
  • Speak out in a non-judgemental supportive environment
  • Gain practical input from a trustworthy supporter [that’s me 🙂 ]

You will leave your session with…

  • Fresh perspectives and ideas
  • Renewed career energy
  • Thoughts on next steps
  • Actions to help you move forward
  • A career champion and supporter

Session takes place via phone or Zoom

Your Ask Dr Elaine Session is £149

“I always turn to Elaine if I need career advice or support. Her insight and honesty encourage fresh perspectives and enable you to think differently. Her wide-ranging real-life experience means that she’s able to contribute in lots of ways. I enjoy working with Elaine and she continues to act as my sounding board and trusted confidante.”

It’s time to move your career adventure forward.

Let’s make it happen together.

Always happy to discuss your career. If you have questions or want to find out more, drop me a line to arrange a call and let’s get the conversation started today.

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