Building Bridges

I was approached by a community-interest project when its team’s enthusiasm and belief in the project began waning due to disagreements over commercial decisions. My involvement was to help them engage in commercial conversations; enabling them to leave their entrenched position behind and get the project back on track.

The Honeymoon Is Over

Many projects and initiatives begin with the best intentions.  Despite project plans and expressions of commitment, nothing tests success like the reality of having to deliver and the emergence of differing stakeholder views. This is even more of a challenge when the organisation is created and run by volunteers.

Finding The Way Together

The client turned to me because I am an experienced strategist and facilitator used to working with complex situations and diverse participant groups.  The client knew I would enable its team to work together to bring progress.
By forming a working group comprising representatives from key stakeholder segments, I helped the team identify the main areas of conflict, consensus and compromise.
Our facilitated consultation sessions enabled us to start developing commercial strategy, agree shared values and begin using the valuable talents of the group members.  The team were also able to build mutual respect and understanding plus identify a positive way forward.

The Client Said…

“We approached Elaine to help us as we had painted ourselves into a corner and really couldn’t see a clear way out of it.  Elaine enabled us to find a route out of stalemate. In our view this was nothing short of a miracle!” Community Project Director



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