Career Adventurers

I was commissioned by a university’s physical sciences and engineering faculty to deliver my 2-day Shaping The Future Together programme to two cohorts of doctoral researchers as part of a career readiness initiative.

Diverse Disciplines

Both programmes brought together talented researchers from 9 discipline areas; chemical and process engineering, chemistry, civil and environmental engineering, computer science, electrical and electronic engineering, environment and sustainability, maths, mechanical engineering, physics.

Career Adventurers.  Future Leaders

Doing a PhD prepares you with many of the important attributes needed to be a career adventurer and a leader.  Yet many doctoral researchers don’t see themselves in this way.  They often see themselves as the nothing more than the detail of their research.  They lose sight of the doctoral learning experience as well as the skills and capabilities they have developed.

The Shaping The Future Together programme addresses this by:

+  Taking a commercially-focused approach

+  Re-framing academic experiences into a broader context

+  Demystifying industry, careers and the world of work

+  Allowing researchers to develop and apply skills in new ways

Value and Impact

In their own words, after taking part in the programme, participants are going to…

Approach job market in a different approach. Some fears I had have been eliminated!

Look into different markets for employment to broaden horizons

Think more seriously about being a business owner after PhD

Be confident in my skill set as it is broader than I thought

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