Commercially Sustainable

When a science and engineering charity wanted to introduce a new strategic development process the Chief Executive Officer approached me to design and facilitate the first phase of the process. The aim was to enable the team to work together to generate tangible results and kick-start the new strategy process.

Commercial Evolution

With constant changes in funding sources and a drive to generate additional revenue streams which improve financial sustainability, charities must become increasingly commercial in their outlook. Balancing this business mindset with their mission-driven nature can be a challenge when considering the strategic direction of the organisation. The client turned to me because as an experienced strategist and facilitator I am used to working with complex situations and diverse participant groups.

Strategy For All

To capitalise on the breadth of experience available within the organisation the client had invited a diverse group of stakeholders to contribute to phase one of the strategy process.
Thinking strategically does not come easily to some people plus it can be seen as the domain of an elite few. In addition, being open to fresh perspectives and new possibilities is not everyone’s natural mindset. Therefore to enable and facilitate strategic conversations and output within such a diverse group, I employed my usual creative and people-orientated approach to ensure accessibility for all and achieve valuable results for the client.

A Lasting Legacy

To help the organisation use strategy to bring sustainability for the future I…
…provided guidance and structure for the first phase of the strategy process; using current status data to inform the design of team activities
…designed a bespoke strategy day
…produced collated output
The client is now building on the work carried out.

The Client Said…

“Just wanted to say what a super strategy session you designed and delivered for us. It was a tough gig with such a diverse group of people in the room.  They all felt you did a superb job and that we achieved a massive amount.  Thank you for all your hard work.”  Chief Executive Officer, STEM Charity


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