Future Leaders

I was re-engaged by a large science consortium to help them invest in the enterprise, innovation and collaborative skills of their science researcher members.  My brief was to design and deliver an interactive, commercially-focused programme.

A Powerful Mix

When STEM (Science . Technology . Engineering . Maths) meets commerce a powerful combination results.  Global challenges are solved, opportunities are created, creativity and ideas bring innovation.

Drawing on my own experiences of going from industrial chemist to business woman; of moving from corporate to independent, I created a bespoke 8-month programme.

Science Means Business

Often scientists do not see themselves as commercial individuals.  Plus they may not recognise that many of the skills they develop in order to succeed in science are transferrable to a business context.  Their abilities build careers and bring social change.

Our science researchers working at the leading-edge of technology are the bright minds who will take us forward.  They are our future leaders.

Learning For All

As the participants came from multi-disciplinary backgrounds and had differing levels of commercial experience, I designed the programme to be accessible to all.  Enabling each individual to have their own personal, relevant learning experience.

The programme was designed as a two-stage competition and included 2-days intensive training, networking events, online resources and mentoring.

Participants Said…

“The training days were incredible, I’d never considered some of the things we covered”

“The final presentation was really fun!  We were able to meet incredible students from other universities and get amazing feedback from the judges”

“I really enjoyed playing around with all the ideas we came up with and then meeting everyone”

“This was an EXTEMELY valuable experience and beneficial”

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