Leadership Aspirations

I was engaged by the client when they recognised they needed additional external support to help them become the leader they desired.  I was selected because they identified with my background and could see the value of my varied technical, commercial and professional development experience.

Moving Beyond Technical Excellence

It is common for scientists and engineers to spend many years developing their technical skills.  As their careers progress they are often promoted to leadership roles.  Yet they are generally not given the opportunity to similarly invest in the skills needed for success in their newfound positions.  My client took the proactive approach to investing in their professional development.

The Mentee Said…

“Elaine’s advice is practical, insightful and real.  She helped me see situations with a different viewpoint and improve how I communicated with my team and fellow directors. I immediately noticed positive reactions from colleagues.  This helped me become more confident and benefitted my working relationships.
I’ve loved working with someone with an irreverent sense of humour and a ‘cut the crap’ attitude, as right from the start this set the tone for a totally honest rapport. This is essential when you’re exploring how to improve on areas of weakness and overcome problems. When that’s combined with someone who’s had the same education, similar career path and comparable experiences, that’s a very powerful source of support; it makes a real difference to how you can develop your skills and adapt your approaches.  I feel very lucky to have benefitted from Elaine’s mentorship; I have recommended her to others and will continue to do so.”

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