Inspiring Emerging Markets

I was commissioned by a multi-national technology organisation to design and deliver a series of masterclasses for groups of Directors from their emerging markets partner organisations.  Innovation: A Business and Leadership Guide, formed part of their Future Forum programme.

Cultural and Business Diversity

Participants came from businesses of varying size, different cultures and were commercially-focused.  The sessions were designed to take in to account their diverse leadership, cultural and business backgrounds.  Content was practical, thought-provoking and enabled interaction amongst participants.

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Learning Community

To celebrate Learning at Work Week (LAWWeek) and the theme, Curious and Creative, I designed and delivered four creative thinking masterclasses during LAWWeek.  Each one designed to meet the special needs of the four very different audiences.

My Inspiration

Harnessing Creativity:  Thriving in today’s world requires curiosity, adaptability and a drive to keep evolving.  Creative thinking inspires and enables open mindedness and agile productive thinking; generates opportunities; encourages exploration of impact beyond personal perspectives.

Our Extended Workplaces:  Modern business models mean we don’t all work in neatly defined workplaces.  Our networks and teams extend across borders, through communities and, for many, home offices are now critical hubs.  The disparate, diverse, sometimes virtual, nature of our working locations and practices, can create a distance that is not measured in miles.  Therefore, coming together to access learning is good for business… and for the soul.

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Beyond Academia

I was approached by the lead of a Centre for Doctoral Training to design a workshop which would encourage its high-skills STEM researchers to think and explore beyond academia.

High-skills Adding Value

The client recognised that many postgraduate researchers see themselves only as future academics (as academia is all around them).  Yet the number reaching senior academic positions is relatively small.  Expanding knowledge and transferrable skills beyond technical disciplines and an academic setting is fundamental to improving their impact in the workplace and delivering the benefits high-skills individuals add to the economy.

Bringing A Fresh Approach

My external perspective was fundamental to the client’s requirements; as was my real-life insight and experience of harnessing the power of a PhD to build a successful career beyond academia.  Following client consultation, a bespoke module was designed and delivered as an addition to an existing skills development suite.

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