Inside STEAMroom

… where art and science met

Working with a local community champion, I was invited to co-create and deliver a series of events to celebrate an annual arts festival.

Inspiring Innovation

Scientists and artists use creativity to express themselves; to innovate; to change the world.  STEAMroom united local artists and eminent scientists to explore cutting-edge research while translating it into unique works of art.

Science  |  Technology  |  Engineering  |  Arts  |  Maths

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Science Means Business

I was engaged by a large science consortium to help them invest in the enterprise and entrepreneurship skills of their scientist members.  My brief was to design and deliver an interactive, blended entrepreneurship and enterprise programme.

A Powerful Mix

When STEM (Science . Technology . Engineering . Maths) meets commerce a powerful combination results.  Global challenges are solved, opportunities are created, creativity and ideas bring innovation.

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Broadening Horizons

I was approached by one of my existing higher education clients to design and deliver three bespoke modules to complement their existing skills development programmes. These modules covered networking, impact strategy and employability.

Opportunities Galore

A range of opportunities exist beyond academia and researchers are well placed to create and capitalise on them.  Often reluctance to explore more widely is linked to self-confidence, and the absorbing nature of postgraduate research.

I was asked to provide learning experiences which complemented and extended the impact of the client’s existing extensive portfolio of support and development activities. Continue reading “Broadening Horizons”

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