Science Means Business

I was engaged by a large science consortium to help them invest in the enterprise and entrepreneurship skills of their scientist members.  My brief was to design and deliver an interactive, blended entrepreneurship and enterprise programme.

A Powerful Mix

When STEM (Science . Technology . Engineering . Maths) meets commerce a powerful combination results.  Global challenges are solved, opportunities are created, creativity and ideas bring innovation.

Walking In Their Shoes

Often scientists do not see themselves as commercial individuals.  Plus they may not recognise that many of the skills they develop in order to succeed in science are transferrable to a business context.  In addition, entrepreneurship is not solely a path to building your own business; it is a mindset which can help build careers and bring social change.
Drawing on my own experiences of going from industrial chemist to business woman; of moving from corporate to business owner, I created a bespoke four-month programme for my client.

Learning For All

As the participants came from multi-disciplinary backgrounds and had differing levels of commercial experience, I designed the programme to be accessible to all. Enabling each individual to have their own personal, relevant learning experience.

Participants Said…

“My understanding of business & entrepreneurship has greatly shifted & I feel considerably more confident.”
“I never had business training before and learned so much.”
“Following the programme I will explore topics / projects by communicating & discussing more often.”
“I was struggling with the creative process. Learning about adopting a different mindset will help me!”
“Taking part in the programme has shown me I could be good at this business thing.”
“I now realise that everyone can’t be serious all the time.”
“I am going to put more focus upon networking and continuing current relationships going forward.”
“The programme was informative and helpful. Elaine was fantastic. She really made the whole thing engaging and enjoyable.”

The Client Said…

“Thanks again for putting together an excellent programme. Participants definitely enjoyed it and learned a great deal from the experience.”   Executive Director, Science Consortium

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