Strategic Support

I was asked to provide advice and support when the founder and Managing Director of a creative engineering consultancy needed additional strategic and commercial expertise.

Creative By Design

Starting your own business is a very special type of challenge especially when its success is linked to technical excellence as well as commercial.  In new technical companies creating innovative technologies and technical solutions are often ‘comfort zones’; accompanied by confidence and clarity.  Successfully translating this creativity into developing organisational structures, strategies and business models; turning values and vision into buy-in may not be accompanied by the same level of assuredness.  External insight, knowledge and experience can make a difference.

Trust and Resources

Developing your own enterprise and innovative technologies simultaneously when resources are scarce means that every interaction, every conversation, every decision can have a major impact on the sustainability of the business.  In addition, the relationship between a founding entrepreneur and their business is an extremely strong one; unlike any exhibited by employed individuals in established organisations.  Consequently, the client knew they needed someone he could trust; someone who empathised with his situation and was prepared to challenge him.  That’s why he turned to me.

A Lasting Legacy

During the early stages of our work the client company won awards for innovative ideas and was awarded funding to develop leading-edge technologies.  The founder recognised that in order to build a sustainable business it was important not to lose sight of strategic development in and amongst current achievements and day-to-day requirements.  They used my support to maintain momentum and deliver long-term success.

The Director Said…

“I’m an engineer and manufacturer and I like to think I’m pretty clued up about business too.  When I was developing a new business model, and needed someone I could rely upon, I had no hesitation turning to Elaine for help.  She’s a real inspiration; someone who understands technical problems and brings a healthy dose of commercial reality with it.  Elaine is genuinely on your side as if it was her own business which means she challenges you and expects you to fully engage.  She takes time to understand your organisation and your aspirations which mean her advice and input are always worthwhile. I know she only takes on opportunities where she can truly add value and I appreciate that honesty.
Elaine has a great sense of how to push boundaries, to move projects forward and ask the awkward questions whilst remaining a source of encouragement.  I respect her candid and practical advice and continue to turn to her for leadership, strategy and business expertise.”


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