Proactive Pivot Session

The Proactive Pivot Session is…

… a personal 70-minute one-to-one session for professionals who have decided to move their career into new territory and start the next successful chapter of their personal career story.

You have been actively building your professional career for years and then something happened, personally or professionally.

The career you thought you were building has been derailed. Or at least it feels that way.

Your head is telling you it is time to change career path or industry. Your heart is just not in it. You simply can’t find your usual motivation.

You are stuck and frustrated.

It’s understandable… and you are not alone.

The Proactive Pivot session is specially designed to unlock what matters to you and re-kindle your motivation. Boosting your confidence by giving you the opportunity to see yourself and your career from a fresh perspective so you can start viewing the changes you must make as part of a new exciting chapter of your career story.

What Proactive Includes

Proactive Pivot harnesses the power of guided self-reflection and accountability by combining a fun, accessible activity with a personal one-to-one session.

  • Your personal one-to-one session takes place via Zoom, Skype or phone and is a maximum of 70 minutes in duration
  • Your activity is presented in its own e-workbook so you can keep a personal record of your thoughts and ideas


Sent to you prior to your one-to-one session, the activity is designed to help you generate some career pivot energy and motivation.

It helps you identify what matters to you and see yourself and your career from a fresh perspective.


In your 70-minute one-to-one session we use your insights and findings from the activity as a starting point for our discussions.

We dig deeper together to build on and bring substance to your reflective work; clarify questions, address concerns and identify key actions.

Your Chance To Share

Quite often, when you are stuck or feeling frustrated, sharing your thoughts and ideas is a challenge. You may be unsure what to say and others can be quick to judge…or take over.

The Proactive Pivot Session is your chance to have an open and honest dialogue in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Wherever the discussion goes you’ll be listened to and supported. It’s your time to share.

Your Investment

The Proactive Pivot Session is £179

“I found my session with Elaine an enriching personal and professional experience. Her varied background meant she had many perspectives to draw upon. She made me feel listened to and supported.”

The next phase of your career adventure is here.

Let’s make it happen together.

Want to know more? Please get in touch. Be great to hear from you.

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