Re-energise 21 Fund

Application for funded membership is now closed.

About Re-energise 21

What is it?

Re-energise 21 is your opportunity to receive funded membership of the Re-energising Your Career Hub.


At the Re-energising Your Career Hub our aim is to have a number of funded membership places every year.

This year, as 2021 is our founding year (yippee!) we are celebrating and building our community by offering up to 21 funded membership places. 21 in 21 🙂

What’s on offer

Successful Re-energise 21 applicants receive a 3-year funded membership* of the Re-energising Your Career Hub.

Once you become a member you benefit from…

  • Private access to Career Coach, Dr Elaine (that’s me!)
  • Use of 60+ accessible, empowering career development resources
  • Daily tips and inspiration to support your career adventure
  • Interaction and connection with others in a safe, non-judgemental space

The Re-energising Your Career Hub is hosted on Mighty Networks.

*at time of writing, the price of a 3-year membership is $240 (approx £174 )

Why apply

Re-energising Your Career is your specially designed portable personal Pocket Career Coach.

Being a member will help you unlock your professional and personal career aspirations, create ideas, explore new possibilities, turn dreams into reality and enable you to achieve the results you desire.

Everything you find in the Hub is designed to help you…

  • bring new career aspirations to life and recognise your real value
  • be empowered by change and become a dynamic opportunity hunter
  • make thoughtful career choices on your terms
  • invest in your career agility to thrive in a dynamic career landscape
  • enhance your ability to engage, connect, inspire and persuade others
  • Everything you find is inspired, informed and guided by The Innovate Approach to career development.

Re-energising Your Career is designed to help you creatively and actively re-imagine, re-vitalise, re-invent your own unique professional story.

Who it’s for

Re-energise 21 is for you if you have reached a major transition point in your career.

For example…

  • You’re role has been made redundant or is at risk
  • You’re industry / organisation / specialism doesn’t offer you growth or opportunities
  • You are looking to pivot into new career territory
  • You have fallen out of love with your career
  • You wish to move out of an academic setting
  • Or maybe…

Important Insight: Please don’t be limited by our list, if you would like to apply and feel you would benefit then go for it! We will be happy to receive your application.

Application is now closed

To apply, please use our online application form and answer 3 questions about yourself and your career.

Answer as fully as you can. We’re looking for thoughtful, engaging applications which enable us to get to know you and why you wish to be part of the Re-energising Your Career Hub.

All applications will be treated as private and confidential.

Apply now by using the button below to access the online application form…

++ Once we’ve received your application, it will be reviewed after Re-energise 21 closes on 11 August 2021. ++

Rules and Terms

  • Only one application per person is allowed.
  • Submission must be via the online application form.
  • Your application must be written in English.
  • An application cannot be submitted on someone else’s behalf.
  • There are a maximum of 21 funded membership places available.
  • The closing date for applications is 11.59pm BST on 11 August 2021.
  • All applications will be treated as private and confidential.

You will find the full Rules and Terms here…

Any Questions

If you have any questions about Re-energise 21 please email

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