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Investing in Researchers

A doctoral graduate myself I appreciate the uniqueness of the doctoral learning experience.  Having gone straight from my PhD to industry I also have first-hand experience of the diverse and rewarding career opportunities a doctorate can bring.

Mixing the power of doctoral thinking with practical real-world insights, I add value to your programme of researcher development and doctoral training activities by designing and delivering learning experiences which enable researchers to…

«  Invest in employability and professional development

«  Improve their ability to innovate and collaborate

«  Enhance their ability to connect and communicate

«  Increase their impact and career opportunities

«  Increase entrepreneurial flair and business acumen

As well as creating bespoke learning experiences I have a range of off-the-shelf products specifically designed for doctoral students, including Shaping The Future Together.  A 2-day professional development programme specially designed for science and engineering postgraduate researchers.

Please access my Investing in Researchers Brochure here…

“I would absolutely recommend working with Elaine. She is always works hard to tailor material and delivery to meet the needs of the specific participant group. Her energy and enthusiasm are absolutely contagious. Participants walk away feeling valued and like they can take on the world!”

Consultancy Services

My bespoke services are tailored in line with your learning objectives and result in impactful learning experiences.  Everything I do is designed to help you give doctoral researchers a strong foundation for success in a changing academic, business and technological environment.

► Learning design and delivery

► Learning and talent development strategy

► Learner and stakeholder engagement

“Elaine created an extremely useful programme for doctoral level researchers. She opened up their horizons and showed them that the creative thinking and innovation so crucial in a PhD are invaluable in a wider industry setting. Her approach encouraged them to step outside their ‘traditional comfort zone’ and explore”.

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Getting in Touch:  I’m always happy to discuss your requirements and explore bespoke options.  Drop me a line and we can get the conversation started.

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