Shaping The Future Together

The world needs multi-talented researchers. Innovative thinkers who create solutions to global challenges; unite cross-disciplinary teams to deliver impact and value; our future leaders.

To support this need I created Shaping The Future Together; a commercially-focussed professional development programme specially designed for STEM postgraduate researchers.

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About Shaping The Future Together

A practical, interactive structured doctoral training programme which facilitates learning and team-working; enabling doctoral students to…

–  Build commercial confidence with better understanding of business
–  Develop skills for working in and leading cross-disciplinary teams
–  Understand, encourage and more effectively manage innovation
–  Improve engagement and interaction with industry and wider community
–  Create value and impact; translating research into impactful outcomes
–  Invest in transferrable skills; personal development; employability

6 Main Building Blocks

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Innovation & Creativity
  3. Markets & Sectors
  4. Organisations & Culture
  5. Working Together & Leadership
  6. Communication


  • Interactive and practical with activities involving team-working
  • Use of case study and scenario-based learning to ensure accessibility
  • Mixture of real-life examples, thought leadership perspectives, information sharing and interactive exercises
  • Various tools and techniques plus how to apply them in real-life situations

Shaping The Future Together Packages

All packages are designed for up to 20 participants.

Explore Package

This package includes…

  • 2-day intensive training programme

“The training was intensive but got me out of my comfort zone. Well worth it”  |  “This was different to anything I’ve done before. Was EXTEMELY valuable experience and beneficial”  |  “I enjoyed meeting other students and sharing experiences”  |  “The training days were incredible, I’d never considered some of the things we covered”

Engage Package

This package includes…

  • 2-day intensive training programme
  • Facilitation of employer engagement networking event

Learnt how to communicate with people from different perspectives”  |  “Now know people aren’t that scary and I can talk to them”  |  “Great to know that even grown-ups with proper jobs can be excited / nervous / eager to learn”

Compete Package

This package includes…

  • 2-day intensive training programme
  • Facilitation of employer engagement networking event
  • Team participation in an Enterprise Competition

“Enjoyed working as part of a team and collecting ideas to work towards a common goal”  |  “The final presentation was really fun! We were able to meet incredible students from other universities and get amazing feedback from the judges”

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Getting in Touch: I’m always happy to discuss your doctoral student requirements. Drop me a line and we can get the conversation started.

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