Shaping The Future Together

The world needs multi-talented STEM researchers.  Innovative thinkers who create solutions to global challenges; unite cross-disciplinary teams to deliver impact and value; our future leaders.

To support this need I created Shaping The Future Together; a commercially-focussed professional development programme specially designed for STEM doctoral students.

About Shaping The Future Together

A practical, interactive 2-day professional development programme which facilitates learning and team-working; enabling doctoral students to…

–  Build commercial confidence with better understanding of business
–  Develop skills for working in and leading cross-disciplinary teams
–  Understand, encourage and more effectively manage innovation
–  Improve engagement and interaction with industry and wider community
–  Create value and impact; translating research into impactful outcomes
–  Invest in transferrable skills; personal development; their careers

What’s Special About It?

I’m proud of the interactive programme I’ve created and the impact it delivers.  There are many reasons why I think it’s special.  Ultimately, however, it’s not about me.  Here’s how participants would describe their experience to others…

The best – just amazing! Very engaging instructor who can encourage discussions, collaboration and definitely inspire everyone in the room
Incredibly fun, educational and an experience I won’t forget
A fantastic and fabulous experience that you should get!
Happy place where as a PhD in STEM you can learn about the world outside academia. Makes you feel you can go out there and do something!

Learning Experience

Broadening horizons beyond self, silos and subject

The 2-day programme is practical, team orientated and takes an integrated, real-world view, structured around six main building blocks

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Innovation & Creativity
  3. Markets & Sectors
  4. Organisations & Culture
  5. Working Together & Leadership
  6. Communication

More programme info here…

By taking part STEM doctoral students…

  Access entrepreneurship as an attitude to life and career

  Apply innovation skills in commercial and team scenarios

  Build personal and career confidence through practical activities

  Broaden their horizons beyond academic and disciplinary silos

  Link their doctoral experience to the world of careers and industry

  Recognise and develop their leadership credentials


  • Workshop style designed for up to 20 participants
  • Interactive and practical with activities involving team-working
  • Use of case study and scenario-based learning to ensure accessibility
  • Mixture of real-life examples, thought leadership perspectives, information sharing and interactive exercises
  • Various tools and techniques plus how to apply them in real-life situations

Participants Recommendations

“Greatly recommend to my friends to boost their confidence; to become better team players; to know how to understand their abilities well”

“An escape from PhD research that gives you a space to reflect on yourself and possible futures (5 stars)”

“Fun. Creative couple of days spent in good company”

“Helps you discover your potential to work anywhere”  

Find more recommendations here…

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Getting in Touch: I’m always happy to discuss your doctoral student requirements. Drop me a line and we can get the conversation started.

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