Unexpected Inspiration

While out and about a few days ago I walked past a mother and son.  He was probably about four years old. On passing them I heard him ask confidently...  "Do the bees like to smell the flowers?" I smiled to myself; a multitude of thoughts running through my mind. What a fantastic question! I... Continue Reading →

Experiments: More Than a Lab Thing

I love the TED talk by Beau Lotto and Amy O'Toole.  Beau's comments about scientists embracing uncertainty and being willing to experiment are very close to my heart. My belief in the power of experiments comes from a place much deeper than my chemistry education and experience.  For me it's part of the creative process;... Continue Reading →

Art meets Science

Over the past few months I have been working with Dorking community champion, Jacqui Hamlin, planning and organising our joint contribution to Mole Valley Arts Alive.  And I’m happy to announce STEAMroom will be celebrating its inaugural series in September, October and November 2017. Science | Technology | Engineering | Arts | Maths Our Inspiration... Continue Reading →

Jugaad: Creating In Adversity

Giant budgets and sophisticated organisational structures are not needed to create positive change and inspire innovation. Please grab a cuppa and enjoy Navi Radjou's interesting and insightful TED talk on Jugaad, the art of frugal innovation.  Learn how adversity and scarcity can be transformed into opportunities and bring social and economic value.

Curious and Creative

Curious and creative... ... a philosophy for life ... my personal mantra ... the theme of this year’s Learning at Work Week. Learning at Work Week (LAWWeek) is an initiative from the Campaign for Learning designed to encourage, champion and celebrate learning in the workplace.  This year it’s taking place between 15 and 21 May... Continue Reading →

Inspire Yourself Today

Multiple priorities, technical and team demands, constant decision making can sometimes be all consuming.  Day-to-day pressures can often stop us from thinking more creatively about the challenges we face. One way to break the cycle and clear our heads is to expose ourselves to some wonderful inspiration injections. If you do this already; brilliant.  If... Continue Reading →

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