Career is PERSONAL

Thanks to my pal Sandra Cox, careers supremo at NESCOT (North East Surrey College Of Technology), I found out it was National Career Week this week.  Good job somebody's on the ball! Knowing this, I put my mind to creating something visual and helpful. With so much information and so many stories about careers available,... Continue Reading →

Opportunity Knocks

It's a week since the brilliant gdb Re-energise Conference and I'm still buzzing from the whole experience.  I feel very lucky that I was able to mix being a speaker with getting to know others at the event and, at the same time, learn from my fellow speakers.  Epic! While out walking, I pondered on... Continue Reading →

An Ode For 2020

I ended last year with a rhyme Which helped us to reflect. This one for the new year Is to help with what comes next. Reflection sparks much good intent Is surely is a fact. What I'll be sharing shortly Is a way to start; to ACT. Re-energising your career Can seem like a big... Continue Reading →

Introducing ANT

ANT is the Innovating Your Career mascot. Inspired by exploits in the garden and my re-kindled enthusiasm for doodling, ANT is a welcome addition to the Innovating Your Career family. If you've got a mo (well, 14 seconds to be precise!) please check out their mini video bio below...  

Valuing Your Treasures

I've had the privilege of working with two more cross-disciplinary groups of talented STEM doctoral researchers on my Shaping The Future Together programme.  They were an inspiration. What was reinforced to me yet again was just how important 'appreciating what you have' is in the good old career and professional development mix. Any strategist worth... Continue Reading →

Innovating Your Career Goes to Dublin

Springboard to Success Of all the learning experiences I've undertaken the PhD/doctoral one is unlike any other.  I really value how it has given me a sense of endless possibilities and brought rigour and challenge to my thinking.  Always pushing me to go just that one...or...two...or...ten steps further. This is one of the reasons I... Continue Reading →

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