The IYC Approach

Innovating Your Career

Following a multitude of career conversations, professional development interactions plus my own personal successes (and shaky moments) I was inspired to create the Innovating Your Career approach; a practical framework for adopting the attitude and approach to achieving career success in our dynamic world.

All About Value

At the heart of every successful career is value.

“…the importance or worth of something for someone; how useful or important something is…”

In other words, from a career perspective, the benefits to us as individuals and the benefits to the organisations we work for or with.

Finding and creating career opportunities; thriving in uncertain times requires a value match between you and the organisations you who may be your clients or your employer.  It helps you understand each other better and is more likely to create win-win scenarios.

Plus, in a dynamic, fluid environment, this value matching has to take place continually.  Not just when you’re looking for your first role or wanting to make a career pivot.

Making It Win-Win

My Innovating Your Career approach is designed to help you achieve these evolving and changing win-win value connections.  It is designed to help you build a successful, rewarding career which evolves with you and the world around you.

Four Key Elements

The Innovating Your Career approach is made up of four key elements…

OPEN:  be adaptable and resilient with a creative mindset

DISCOVER: shine a spotlight on yourself to appreciate your value

EXPLORE: go beyond your bubble to find and create career opportunities

ENGAGE: confidently communicate and have value-based conversations

I’m always happy to discuss your career aspirations.  My free, confidential 20-minute career call is a great way to get the conversation started

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