Working Together

Let’s create the next chapter of your career story together


Step Beyond Career Limbo

You’ve fallen out of love with your career or your plans have been derailed. You’re not sure if it’s time for a change. Crossroads brings a fresh perspective and re-kindles motivation.

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Make Your Pivot a Reality

You’re ready to move into new career territory. You’re planning a pivot. Re-imagine your future, make purposeful choices, turn aspirations into reality, with the suite of Pivot products.

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Ask Dr Elaine 1-to-1s

Have a career conundrum? Need a sounding board? Want impartial input? Ask Dr Elaine sessions bring you fresh perspectives, new ideas and access to your own career champion.

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Always happy to discuss your career. If you have questions or want to find out more, drop me a line to arrange a call and let’s get the conversation started today.

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