Your Career

When it comes to you career there are 5 things to remember…

  1. Your career is your professional story
  2. A job is not a career
  3. Change creates opportunities
  4. The world is ever-evolving
  5. Adaptable is the way forward

Ever-evolving Story

Your career is the dynamic, interconnected, evolving story of your work life. It is fed by your work experiences, of course. It is fed by your non-work related experiences too. You are a whole human being after all.

Your career is also personal and unique to you. So comparing blindly with others is not recommended.

What does link your career to others is that…

Everyone’s career has to start somewhere.  You’re not born career ready with experience coming out of your ears. Right from the beginning you’re creating your own bundle of brilliance.

All careers involve change (planned or otherwise).  In fact, all careers, to truly be careers, involve change. Being adaptable means you can take advantage of our ever-evolving, unpredictable world.

Every career requires a mix of independence and interdependence. In other words, even though your career is your responsibility, other people play a big part in your success.

More Than a Job

When you’re in the thick of it or starting out it can be easy to forget that there is a difference between having a job and building a career.

Moving from one different, unrelated job to next with no thought of the future or striving for personal growth is not building a career.

A career is the connected, evolving, long-term progress you make within your work life. And it will most likely be made up of a variety of jobs, roles and accomplishments. It may also involve more than one career path. Careers harness learning, evolving skills and experiences; helping you to develop your work life into future. It’s like a personal career snowball!

Career Landscape

Dynamic markets and economies have been part of the career and business landscape for many years.  Then we hit 2020 and rapid social change.  Everyone affected in different ways and to varying degrees.  Normal wasn’t normal anymore.

What has, and will remain constant, is that, to state the bloomin’ obvious, organisations only exist thanks to people.

People who demonstrate potential and the ability to develop.  Markets, economies, societies are ever-changing so people and organisations must be ever-evolving too.

Career Adventurer

But what does this mean to people like us?  People who want to continually build a successful and rewarding career.  People who want to find and create career opportunities for ourselves and others.

Dynamic change means you can’t stand still.  Evolving global requirements mean we have to evolve too.  Change brings career opportunities for those who are prepared to learn and adapt.

To thrive in this type of environment you have to put aside old visions of prescribed career paths, expected next steps and professional snobbery.  Recognising that your career is personal, dynamic and unique to you.  My career story is personal to me.  Your career story is personal to you.

The aim is to be a career adventurer like ANT; moving with the times, finding and creating career opportunities as you go.  Everything you have done is linked and is an evolution.  You are not one aspect of your career; you are all of it and more.

How do you become and remain a career adventurer?  By taking the Innovating Your Career Approach.

I’m always happy to discuss your career aspirations.  My free, confidential 20-minute career call is a great way to get the conversation started

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