Poem: What Do I Want?

Still in a rhyming mood, I decided to create another. This time about turning aspirations into reality. Seemed appropriate for the beginning of a new year 'What do I want this new year?'Is a question you can ask.It's a powerful process starterTo move from dreams to ideas to task. It doesn't matter what you answer.Be... Continue Reading →

5 Creative Energy Boosting Hacks

Being a dynamic career adventurer requires a regular boost of creative energy. Here are 5 hacks to give you a boost every day in your own way... Hack #1: Smiley Smiley. Each day, stand in front of a mirror. Look directly at yourself and smile your most fantastic smile. Beam from ear to ear. It's... Continue Reading →

Seriously Playful

When your career matters to you it's a serious business. Earnest commitment to your aspirations and plans being part of the mix. Yet when your aspirations or plans change or they are thrown up in the air, there are times when being overly serious can actually stand in your way. In order to imagine a... Continue Reading →

Percolating or Procrastinating?

Are you percolating or procrastinating? Percolating means ideas are formulating; choices are emerging and being filtered. It can be easy to get frustrated with the weird limbo-ness of it all. I know because it happens to me regularly! Procrastination on the other hand means you are putting off or delaying acting on your choices or... Continue Reading →

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