Hi there, I’m Dr Elaine.

Here to help you thrive and your career evolve.

Want to successfully move into new career territory? 

Independent and impartial, my practical, creative approach enables you to turn your personal or professional aspirations into reality. 

We dig deeper together; breaking down barriers, identifying aspirations, creating opportunities so you move forward with purpose and confidence.

Together we launch the next successful phase of your career adventure.

How come I know so much about career transitions?

As well as helping others I’ve done it successfully myself several times. You can find out more of my story here…

Also, let me introduce you to ANT (Adventurer Now & Tomorrow), the Innovating Your Career mascot. 

Thanks for visiting and enjoy exploring.

“Elaine’s support is practical, insightful and real. She helped me see situations with a different viewpoint plus her experience meant that she got to the bones of a problem immediately and was able to suggest approaches which were relevant to me. My instincts that she would have plenty of relevant scenarios to draw upon and appropriate advice to give were immediately proven right. I also loved working with someone with an irreverent sense of humour and plain-speaking approach, as right from the start this set the tone for a totally honest rapport. When that’s combined with someone with her experience, that’s a very powerful source of support.”

I’m always happy to discuss your career aspirations or moving into new career territory.  My free 30-minute career call is a great way to get the conversation started. Please follow this link to book via Calendly…

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