Hi there, I’m Dr Elaine.

Here to help you thrive and your career evolve.

Want to move into new career territory?  I help you harness the special energy generated when you’re making a change and turn it into results.

Independent and impartial, my practical, creative approach enables you to turn your personal or professional aspirations into reality.  Digging deeper together; breaking down barriers; moving forward with purpose and vision.

Also, let me introduce you to ANT (Adventurer Now & Tomorrow), the Innovating Your Career mascot.  Click on the image to learn more.

ANT is a Career Adventurer and the mascot of Innovating Your Career

Thanks for visiting and enjoy exploring.

“Elaine’s support is practical, insightful and real. She helped me see situations with a different viewpoint. I loved working with someone with an irreverent sense of humour and a ‘cut the c**p’ attitude, as right from the start this set the tone for a totally honest rapport.”

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