Re-energise 21 Open Today

So happy to announce that Re-energise 21 is open and ready to receive applications for funded membership of our Re-energising Your Career Hub. If you're at a career transition point or you know someone who is, please apply today. All you need to do is answer 3 questions about yourself and your career. You'll find... Continue Reading →

7 Tips to Boost Your Career Agility

Thriving in our dynamic 21st century career landscape is not about having a flashy CV and a list qualifications. It requires adaptability and the willingness to change...even if it hurts for a while. Career agility means you are... open to change and learningmore aware of an responsive to opportunities able to recover more effectively from... Continue Reading →

Beginning at the End

I have a lot of non-fiction books on my shelf.  Some of them are my go-to companions. Last year, thanks to a colleague, I found another to add to this go-to list. Transitions by William Bridges PhD, is one of those books that helped me change my perspective on 'me'. For the better I hasten... Continue Reading →

Make Uncertainty Your Life-long Ally

Uncertainty has been with us throughout time. Predictability often hiding it and creating a false sense of security. Patterns to our lives; actions equalling similar results can bring the warm cosy feeling of a comfort zone. When the events of 2020/21 began to unfold, uncertainty took centre stage. From one day to the next who... Continue Reading →

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