Why Pivot Your Career?

So I keep going on about this career pivot malarkey but what do I mean and why should you bother? After all sticking with the path you know seems safe and risk-free. Lovely and safe; warm and reassuring. Or is it?! First, let's recap on what I mean by a career pivot. A career pivot... Continue Reading →

Trying Too Hard

Sitting in front of my notebook - then my computer screen - then walking in the fresh air - the inspiration for a blog post was most definitely eluding me. Blogging guru, Seth Godin, is known for saying that if you can speak you can write. He's not one for believing in writer's block. Well,... Continue Reading →

You Are A Skills Collector

I started my annual ritual of collecting seeds a few weeks ago. Lupin, chive, poppy, aqualeiga... a mix from the border and herb patch. This got me thinking Don't worry, I'm not going for the 'seeds of change' vibe 😉 We don't use all of our skills all of the time. And some of them... Continue Reading →

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