What is a Career and Why Does It Matter?

If you are experiencing turbulence in your career, it can be unsettling and frustrating. Especially if being decisive and pro-active are your normal ways of operating. At times like these, it never ceases to amaze me how stripping things back to basics can have a powerful releasing and empowering effect. Thanks to the fresh perspectives... Continue Reading →

The Art of Talking to Strangers

Picture the scene. You are at a conference. You want to be there; you want to learn, yet... ... the thought of talking to strangers brings you out in a cold sweat. Maybe it's the way you're feeling on that particular day. Maybe it's the normal way of things for you. You wait at the... Continue Reading →

6 Career Buzz Killers

The truth is your career has its ups and downs. As your professional story unfolds, you can find yourself in situations or with people who really kill your career buzz. Here are 6 contenders plus ideas of what to ask yourself in order to gain greater understanding and ultimately do something about it... BAGGAGE Questions:... Continue Reading →

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