Behind The Adventures of ANT

It all began in late 2021, when I asked myself the question... ...if I only used straight lines and circular shapes (with the occasional squiggle) what doodles might I create on my tablet? It was time to start experimenting. After a few false starts, I managed a penguin... If I could do characters and scenes...... Continue Reading →

Ditch the Doom and Gloom

Standing in the kitchen of the place we are staying temporarily, I suddenly got the sense of it being lighter. Naturally lighter. I'd heard the sound of chainsaws coming from an adjacent garden but had paid it little attention. No great mysteries to the increased brightness. Just garden maintenance. So why do I even mention... Continue Reading →

Poem: What Do I Want?

Still in a rhyming mood, I decided to create another. This time about turning aspirations into reality. Seemed appropriate for the beginning of a new year 'What do I want this new year?'Is a question you can ask.It's a powerful process starterTo move from dreams to ideas to task. It doesn't matter what you answer.Be... Continue Reading →

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