Banish Your But-head in 2021

Have you ever tried asking yourself 'AND' instead of 'BUT'? It's amazing what a difference it can make to your inner dialogue and your conversations with others. 'AND' opens the door to possibilities. 'BUT' closes doors, locks them and then throws away the key! So next time you're looking at a new role in a... Continue Reading →

Your Secret Ingredient

What is your secret ingredient? What is it you bring to the value mix for employers or clients? Losing sight of the value you create for others can happen when you are on the verge of a career transition or at a career crossroads. Especially after a break, when it's time to get back to... Continue Reading →

Poem of Thanks: 2020

Rather than doing a review of the year or a top ten moments, you know the sort of thing, I've got into the tradition of writing an annual poem of thanks. Hope you enjoy 2020's 🙂 'What are you thankful for, Elaine?',I asked myself today.As I pondered on the year gone byIn a December kind... Continue Reading →

12 Presenting Tips: 2020 Edit

Presentation skills; the ability to engage others; to share ideas are important parts of a Career Adventurer's tookit. Plus, connecting with others, inspiring change or building trust require more than data and diktats. Why? Because communication is always an exchange and it's much more than the information component. Emotions and values are involved too. Throughout... Continue Reading →

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