A Poem About Time

I did something this fine week. It was a first for me. Though probably very obvious; It filled my heart with glee. I doodled a list as usual Of key things one by one. Then next to each main item The time needed to get it done. Now that may seem quite normal And nothing... Continue Reading →

Outsider’s View: Teams and Trust

Working as an independent you soon realise that building and maintaining trust as an 'outsider' is a very special challenge.  Consequently, you have to take your communication and team-working abilities to a whole new level. Assumptions need to take a back seat, instructions must be more explicit, relying on old ways of working is a... Continue Reading →

This Week in Pictures

Inspired by a recent pictorial challenge set me by the lovely Dr Julie Reeves at the Uni of Southampton, I decided to try something different on the blogging front.  Well, different for me.  Nothing revolutionary, so don't get too excited. Welcome to the first attempt, sorry I mean edition, of this week in pictures... ---... Continue Reading →

Back To Basics: The Spark

I hold my hands up, I've been a bit stuck.  Being kind to myself, and given the current circumstances, this is quite understandable.  Yet, it was still frustrating the hell out of me! Then, as often happens, the spark of inspiration came.  Not from a worthy tome or a thoughtful suggestion; from a chance encounter... Continue Reading →

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