Introducing ANT

ANT is the Innovating Your Career mascot. Inspired by exploits in the garden and my re-kindled enthusiasm for doodling, ANT is a welcome addition to the Innovating Your Career family. If you've got a mo (well, 14 seconds to be precise!) please check out their mini video bio below...  

A to Z of Kick-starting Your Career

Everyone’s career has to start somewhere.  The early stage is an exciting and transitional time because getting in the career zone is new, unknown territory.   It is also a time when recognising your value and your potential can sometimes be a challenge. Inspired by a multitude of career conversations and my own experiences I... Continue Reading →

Instagram and Me

I had never considered myself as an Instagram-type person.  Whatever that is?!!!  As I'm not glamorous, famous or a celeb, my head said it wasn't for me.  As my head sometimes needs a little bit of extra help, I decided to listen to my heart as well. Jump forward a few weeks and I've joined... Continue Reading →

Are You Listening?

In a world full of soundbites and distractions, really listening is more important than ever.  Especially when it comes to conflict, power struggles and the pursuit of those win-win situations. According to Gill Hasson in her book Brilliant Communication Skills... Hearing is a passive process.  We receive sound which, without assigning any meaning, is in... Continue Reading →

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