Communication Conundrum

I'm sure you agree with me that effective communication is an important aspect of all our personal and professional lives every day. So when I saw June was Effective Communications Month - yes, there is such a thing - I had a mini Jekyll and Hyde moment. Hyde-esque... "Effective Communication Month?! That stuff's important every... Continue Reading →

Food for Thought

Have you ever wondered about the origin and meaning of the phrase, 'food for thought'? Up until writing this piece, I certainly had not. Swiping through old photos of produce grown in our old garden, the words popped into my head. The phrase apparently originates from 'A Tale of Paraguay' by author Robert Southey published... Continue Reading →

20 Playful Ideas to… give you a positive energy boost. We all need a fresh perspective or a lift from time to time. So here, in no particular order, are a few ideas to help give your a lift by... ... Letting In Fun Today 😁 Idea 1: If you don't already know it, learn your name in... Continue Reading →

Have You Got a Downer on Down Time?

There's an extra bank holiday in the UK this May. And it got me thinking about our different relationships with down time; with taking time to unwind. Motivator . Nemesis . Stranger . Saviour . Companion Whatever your role, background or experience it can be an emotive subject. 💭 Early career energy mixed with a... Continue Reading →

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