My Episode on LifeBlood Podcast

I hope you enjoy listening to my conversation with George Grombacher on his LifeBlood podcast. We talk about creating a career you love. One where you can balance heart and mind to build the ever-evolving story of your professional life. It was a pleasure to be a guest and an honour to be invited...

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Looking at Your F in Goals

I've been meaning to write a post about long-term personal / career goals for a while. The reason it's not materialised until now is that I wanted to wait until I'd finished doing an experiment on myself. Not as gruesome as it sounds, I promise 😉. For a period of time I temporarily fell out... Continue Reading →

Prickly Problems

Have you ever heard of the phrase - "grasping the nettle"? It has various dictionary definitions. In essence, it means: ... to push yourself to do something that you know or think will be difficult or unpleasant. It might be a problem you've been putting off dealing with; a task you don't like doing; a... Continue Reading →

Knitting it Together

It's funny how philosphical you can get when you are methodically de-constructing a bed base and mattress. Or maybe it's just me 😁 As we took them apart and stacked the component parts for disposal; wire, wood, textiles - you get the picture - it re-inforced a recent personal revelation. On their own these bits... Continue Reading →

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