Bee Inspired… Again!

We've had special visitors in the garden again this year. Yes, our ivy bees have been in full swing. Watching them with my husband over the weekend, it made me think about change and the impact it can have. Change often leads to uncertainty When the bees first appeared a few years ago we were... Continue Reading →

SATRO Awards 2018

Not long now until the SATRO Awards 2018 and I can’t wait! I’ll be there on 26 September joining in this celebration of the South East’s amazing STEM talent. There will be students and apprentices; businesses and educators all showcasing their commitment and enthusiasm for all things science, technology, engineering and maths related.  Which let’s... Continue Reading →

The World of Work

Changing global demands, technological advancements plus evolving business models and careers aspirations mean how we work continues to change.  As does how we define our workplaces. Here's a great RSA Animate piece by Dave Coplin  

The Language of Pictures

In his excellent TED talk Christoph Niemann eloquently and visually shares the powerful language of pictures. Communicating universally; connecting on so many levels.  Brilliant!

Taking Time To Reflect

I’m working on an exciting project which has challenged me on many levels.  I love it yet at the same time it frustrates the hell out of me. When I’m learning and applying new skills I sometimes forget to reflect on the progress I’ve made; focusing instead on my frustration at not being faster, smarter... Continue Reading →

Variety: Spice Of Life

Look behind the doors of universities around the world and you will find bright researchers working on amazing technical advancements.  Innovation is their watchword as they strive to solve global challenges everyday. Impact is another... the contribution the research will make to academic progress, society and the economy. The graphic on the left, courtesy of... Continue Reading →

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