Networking for Career Success

It was my great pleasure to be part of SEPnet (South East Physics Network) and the Institute of Physics’ recent careers event.  The aim was to help physics doctoral students explore a snapshot of the amazing career opportunities awaiting them post PhD. Covering a spectrum of career paths, the impressive panel of professionals shared their... Continue Reading →

Embracing Randomness

My husband accidentally bought me a book. Last week, while on a video conference, one participant later confessed to the unexpected appearance of the radiator repair guy while we were on the call. While filming my test videos for Innovating Your Career I noticed a really distracting creaking noise on the audio.  Further investigation identified... Continue Reading →

Getting Beyond B.O.R.E.D.

I've been suffering from writer's block.  Well, that's what I kept telling myself.  Having efficiently done some business-related writing without too much effort.  My conclusion's not the writing part that's been the problem. The root of my stuckness has all been down to lack of inspiration and to be brutally honest, being wholeheartedly B.O.R.E.D.... Continue Reading →

Innovating Your Career

Inspiration Over the years I’ve met and worked with many talented and interesting people all at different stages of their careers.  What often unites them is their challenge to recognise... their own value the impact they’ve made and can make This comes even more sharply in to focus with people at the beginning of their... Continue Reading →

STEM Superstars Shone Brightly

It's a week today since The SATRO Awards in Woking. What an inspiration!  So much STEM talent in one place.  Together they will definitely change the world. Many thanks and well done to everyone involved. Let's take a look at our worthy Award winners... SlideShare styleee 🙂  

Bee Inspired… Again!

We've had special visitors in the garden again this year. Yes, our ivy bees have been in full swing. Watching them with my husband over the weekend, it made me think about change and the impact it can have. Change often leads to uncertainty When the bees first appeared a few years ago we were... Continue Reading →

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