Innovating Your Career

Inspired to Take Action

Over the years I’ve met and worked with many talented people at different stages of their careers.  What often unites them is their challenge to recognise their value and the impact they’ve made and can make.

This comes even more sharply in to focus with people at the beginning of their careers which set me thinking.  Without a sense of your own value how can you find and create career opportunities; how can you confidently engage with employers?

The digital world is full of information; the real world has many people providing career support.  Despite this I knew something was missing and an idea began to evolve.

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Future Leaders

I was re-engaged by a large science consortium to help them invest in the enterprise, innovation and collaborative skills of their science researcher members.  My brief was to design and deliver an interactive, commercially-focused programme.

A Powerful Mix

When STEM (Science . Technology . Engineering . Maths) meets commerce a powerful combination results.  Global challenges are solved, opportunities are created, creativity and ideas bring innovation.

Drawing on my own experiences of going from industrial chemist to business woman; of moving from corporate to independent, I created a bespoke 8-month programme.

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Uniting Teams

I was commissioned by a Director of Marketing from a global blue-chip tech company to design and deliver a series of masterclass to inspire and assist their newly formed multi-site team with their upcoming business planning process.

The aim was to spark new ideas and enable them to look beyond the everyday as well as enable them to work together collaboratively and creatively.  The masterclass was designed to be accessible for all participants regardless of role, experience or seniority.

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