Science Means Business

I was engaged by a large science consortium to help them invest in the enterprise and entrepreneurship skills of their scientist members.  My brief was to design and deliver an interactive, blended entrepreneurship and enterprise programme.

A Powerful Mix

When STEM (Science . Technology . Engineering . Maths) meets commerce a powerful combination results.  Global challenges are solved, opportunities are created, creativity and ideas bring innovation.

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Broadening Horizons

I was approached by one of my existing clients to design and deliver three bespoke modules to complement their existing skills development programmes. These modules covered networking, impact strategy and employability.

High-skills Adding Value

Industry needs the high-skills of postgraduate researchers yet many of them see themselves purely as future academics.  In reality, the numbers who end up in senior academic positions are relatively small.  Therefore, expanding knowledge and transferrable skills beyond technical disciplines and academic practices are fundamental. It improves researcher impact in the workplace and helps deliver the benefits high-skills individuals add to the economy. Continue reading “Broadening Horizons”

Connecting STEM Businesses

Inspired by my own networking and engagement experiences I set myself the challenge to create a positive wave which connected STEM companies and professionals.  The aim ti create a forum which showcased talent and technology and enabled idea sharing and conversations. TechNite was born.

Inspiration All Around

It is a fact that bringing people together in an informal supportive atmosphere leads to fresh perspectives and positive connections.  Technical professionals really benefit from this but don’t do it enough.  Everybody has stories to tell and people love to hear them; it’s part of our culture.  Technical organisations have many tales to tell which can inspire others and spark ideas; especially when shared by a real person. Continue reading “Connecting STEM Businesses”

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