Feeding Your Creativity

It's no secret that creativity is a subject close to my heart so I enjoyed Tim Harford's TED Talk, A Powerful Way To Unleash Your Natural Creativity (see video below). In it he explores the art and power of slow motion multi-tasking.  Cross-training your mind, over time, to help spark those eureka moments. Scientists making... Continue Reading →

My 10 Creativity Boosts

While some people start the new year with renewed vigour, for others it can be a challenge to get motivated again or to find that spark of inspiration following the festive season. To get those creative juices flowing and help you achieve all your aspirations, here are 10 of my creativity boosts... Related Resources A... Continue Reading →

Variety: Spice Of Life

Look behind the doors of universities around the world and you will find bright researchers working on amazing technical advancements.  Innovation is their watchword as they strive to solve global challenges everyday. Impact is another... the contribution the research will make to academic progress, society and the economy. The graphic on the left, courtesy of... Continue Reading →

An Interesting Read…or…2…or…3…

Over the years, as well as learning from speaking with others, I regularly turn to a book or three as a source of inspiration and clarity. There are now quite a few books in my collection and here are some of my favourites.  If you do decide to check them out for yourself I hope... Continue Reading →

The Power of Play

I really enjoyed the uplifting TED talk, 'Why you should make useless things', by Simone Giertz. She perfectly demonstrates the awesome power of play. Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you're from, being more playful is natural and empowering. It helps... -  lessen anxiety -  reduce fear and risk aversion -  spark creativity - ... Continue Reading →

Difference is ACE

Over the past few months many of my conversations have touched on the subject of diversity. Embracing and championing the value of difference is so important because it helps us... harness the power of various perspectives and experiences expand our potential and create opportunities beyond our wildest dreams learn, develop and innovate together build resilience... Continue Reading →

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