Researchers Rock!

It's fair to say that I've been around the block.  Career-wise that is before anyone gets the wrong idea!  Of all the people I've shared career conversations with, postgraduate researchers (PGRs) are definitely the ones who really underestimate their skills and potential impact. This got me thinking.  As I love working with PGRs and because... Continue Reading →

STEM Takes Centre Stage

SATRO's STEMX Awards 2017 was an evening to remember. STEM* talent and supporters filled the room.  The atmosphere was buzzing.  The award winners and nominees were inspiring.  And the compere... well, I can't really comment as it was me 🙂 Please take a look at the worthy winners... *Science  |   Technology  |  Engineering  |  Maths... Continue Reading →

Careers: Science and Skills

I am looking forward to working with another group of SEPnet physicists as part of the Enterprising Ideas Competition.  We have teams signed up from institutions across the SEPnet consortium who are ready to learn, get innovative and possibly win some cold hard cash! It is great to be working with SEPnet again as I... Continue Reading →

Bringing STEM Alive

Collaboration is a key part of the leadership mix and when it works well it is a rewarding route to creating value and delivering impact.  And that is exactly what SATRO  and EH Enterprises are doing. It is great to be working together on our exciting STEMalive! project; inspiring future scientists and engineers with conversations,... Continue Reading →

TeenTech: STEM In Action

TeenTech Surrey.  What can I say?!  Once I had got the word 'inspirational' out of my head the one that immediately followed was 'imperative'. With projections that at least 50% of new jobs will be STEM related, the work done by TeenTech and SATRO, is most definitely imperative. By providing true to life examples and... Continue Reading →

New Tech. New Skills

Have you watched the thought-provoking TED talk by Matt Ridley, ‘When ideas have sex’?  If not, I recommend that you do.  He explores how the human race has evolved by developing ways of bringing together ideas and combining technologies.  This ‘collective brain’ as he calls it is dependent on our ability to communicate ideas and... Continue Reading →

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