Making a Value Match

Let me tell you the tale of the tea-making vacuum cleaner. Once upon a time in the midst of my corporate career I was on one of my career pivot missions. Wanting to transition into new executive-level territory. Talking with a recruiter, they explained, ‘It’s all very well being able to do all that but... Continue Reading →

Getting Strategic With Your Career

Longer-term aspirations are an integral part of your career. Taking a more strategic view is therefore, rather good for your career health 🙂 And why is that? Well, this 60 second video explains all. Ooh, and don't forget to turn on the sound to hear the upbeat tune by Enjoy!

Taking Time to Dream

While out walking recently, I gave in to the overwhelming temptation to sing at the top of my voice. As there was no-one else around and I was by the side of a busy road, I really had nothing to lose 🙂 The song which came out of my mouth without any thought was, The... Continue Reading →

Tuning In Together

There are only a few pieces of music I can listen to while I'm writing. The heavy metal and golden oldies from my youth are a serious no-no. They certainly get me motivated... but not to write! I have one particular instrumental collection which makes me feel calm and inspired at the same time. Just... Continue Reading →

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