Dodging Your De-energisers

With Halloween just around the corner my thoughts turned to all things ghoulish and gruesome. Mwah-hah-hah! Regardless of how positive you are, we all have a dark-side. It may be transient. It may stay a while. Plus, you are bound to meet, or have already met, some people who may not have your best interests... Continue Reading →

Your Woo-Whoa Cocktail

When excitement meets trepidation it's a heady mix. Battles between emotion and logic make a potent cocktail. The Woo Whoa has landed! Woo; it's exciting Whoa; negative voices try to put on brakes Getting past this powerful and heady elixir can be a challenge. Every time you want to make a move, you find reasons... Continue Reading →

A Small Gift To Yourself

One of the most productive shifts you can make when it comes to your career development is to see it as... ... a smaller regular activity. Rather than a massive investment when the brown stuff hits the fan or when you want to / have to make a change. In a dynamic career landscape when... Continue Reading →

Say Goodbye to the Flat-pack

Following flat-packed formulae from the 'how-to' library isn't the route to success in our dynamic 21st century career landscape. Bold words - maybe. Based on practitioner research and experience - definitely. I've spent years as a career nomad, moving, evolving and re-inventing. Plus working with our brightest minds and most entrepreneurial spirits gave me insights... Continue Reading →

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