Facing Career Barriers Together

Recording videos for our new Re-energising Your Career YouTube channel, reminded me of how I see blocks and barriers to my progress. I see them as either: External barriers coming from other people and the big wide world - or - Internal barriers coming from within me and created by yours truly 🙂 The external... Continue Reading →

Not Knowing Equals Growing

Even if you're an experienced professional with plenty of career miles under your belt, there are times when you just don't know where to turn next. You can inspire the next generation with your career stories. You can support team members with their aspirations. Yet when you turn the mirror on yourself... …nothing; nada; zilch.... Continue Reading →

5 Creative Energy Boosting Hacks

Being a dynamic career adventurer requires a regular boost of creative energy. Here are 5 hacks to give you a boost every day in your own way... Hack #1: Smiley Smiley. Each day, stand in front of a mirror. Look directly at yourself and smile your most fantastic smile. Beam from ear to ear. It's... Continue Reading →

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