Say Goodbye To Feeling Stuck

Have you ever had that feeling of being completely stuck? Unable to make choices or move forward. Even though a large part of you wants to and knows it's the right thing to do. If you have then you're not alone. The general theme of..'I want to do something new with my career but I'm... Continue Reading →

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

As well as being the title of the iconic track by The Clash, ‘should I stay or should I go?’ is a career question you may be asking yourself as we approach the end of 2020. Mix together global events with the natural reflective feeling that often appears towards the end of a year, it’s... Continue Reading →

The Smell of Success

Aaah, the smell of success. This phrase has been rattling round in my brain for a few weeks. It all began on one of those chilled weekend days when rain ‘stopped play’ and my attention turned to the seeds we’d been collecting from the garden. The smell of the fennel was so warming and comforting.... Continue Reading →

7 PITSTOP Tips: The 2020 Edit

In your professional life and your career, change is always present. It's what creates gaps and opportunities. However, finding yourself in the midst of constant unrelenting change can often feel like you're running in the fast lane. Reflecting on how much better I feel for stopping and resting recently, I was inspired to create The... Continue Reading →

Are You Rejecting Yourself?

Rejection, in general terms, often seems to involve somebody or something else. 'You're not the one for this job, promotion or project.' 'I'm not going to buy a,b,c because I don't like x,y,z.' But what happens when it doesn't... and the only character in your rejection scenario is you? When you challenge yourself in new... Continue Reading →

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