Impatient to Succeed

As I strode forth yesterday, with the March sun on my back, I combined taking in the air and scenery with reflecting on a gremlin of mine, and one many of you will recognise, impatience.  Despite knowing that achieving results takes time as well as effort, you just want everything to happen more quickly.  You... Continue Reading →

Ready To Rock n Role?

When you know in your heart it's time for a change, or change is thrust upon you, it can be role models who are a source of inspiration. Sparking ideas, foster feelings of confidence and encouragement. Fueling self-belief. Stories of challenges overcome, insights into shared experiences, the added human dimension of someone you can relate... Continue Reading →

Your Cloak of Visibility

This piece was originally published in early 2019. Welcome to the 2021 edit. *** Check out your favourite superhero franchise or copy of Harry Potter and invisibility seems to come in very handy when you're helping save the world; foiling super-villains. Meanwhile, back in the real world, your professional life often dictates that invisibility isn't... Continue Reading →

Portable Personal Power

One thing is for certain, whatever twists and turns your professional story takes, the constant factor is you. Capabilities, skills, experience. The power you have goes with you everywhere. Forget job titles and always being the cleverest person in the room, this is your Portable Personal Power. What I mean by Portable Personal Power (PPP)... Continue Reading →

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