Harnessing Your Visual Voice

While exploring the collection of photos presented on Unsplash, I came across the image below by Liao Je Wei. It grabbed my attention immediately. The composition, the colour, the thoughts it triggered. Regardless of your artistic ability or eye, tapping into a more visual way of presenting your thoughts can help you process what you... Continue Reading →

Naughty But…

Feeling like a bit of comedy, I decided to watch Comedians Home Alone on BBC iPlayer. An eclectic collection of the irreverent and the absurd, courtesy of some of UK comedy's household names. Watching their interpretations and use of whatever came to hand (only Vic Reeves could have a stock of multi-coloured wigs in his... Continue Reading →

Teen Spirit Rewind

Once upon a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth... ... I was in my teens. Well, maybe not that long ago but it's long enough. Over recent months, I have found myself naturally, and through circumstance, re-finding, what I can only describe as my teen spirit. No, I'm not going back to being a goth.... Continue Reading →

Poem: Virtual or Not?

There is an urge I sometimes getAnd that's to write in rhymes.Nothing in the high-brow classJust a few unhindered lines. This time it came upon meWhile waiting for a Zoom.A session which in half an hourWould bring Canada into my room. It's great to reach across oceansGetting insights and lessons new.It helps you stay connectedAnd... Continue Reading →

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