When Reality Strikes

When you decide to make changes on your career adventure; to begin writing the next chapter of your professional story, it's all about possibilities and opportunities. Excitement at what might happen and an empowering boost from generating ideas and actions. Quite often, accompanying this newness-high are natural swings in motivation and self-confidence. Maybe it's procrastinating... Continue Reading →

Poem: Thoughts on Doing Your Best

Doing your best on one dayCan be different from the next.What worked for you on Monday,On Wednesday leaves you perplexed. Changes in locale; in resourcesAnd how you feel that day,Combined with others' reactionsCan all come in to play. Doing your best is not somePerfection-driven quest.It's not about competitionsOr passing a special test. The essence of... Continue Reading →

The Power of Simpler Things

Sitting drinking a pot of redbush tea, listening to the birds, I felt inspired to write. Nothing particularly profound or loquaciously long. There have been a lot of major changes in my life over the past few years. Some instigated by me; some by us; some out of anyone's control. What has, and always, keeps... Continue Reading →

The Past May Not Be What It Seems

There's a strange phenomenon which can happen when you start the next new chapter of your professional story... ... Idealising The Past (ITP) The newness; the skewed notion that you are starting again, can conjure up a whole assortment of mixed emotions. It's natural. You are bound to have a reaction to change. Even if... Continue Reading →

What Are Your Reactions Saying?

I found this quote online and it got me thinking about reactions.... The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you're no longer willing to stay where you are. Anon Despite their overuse since the advent of a multitude of social media platforms, I do like a jolly old quote. Succinct snapshots which capture an... Continue Reading →

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