Career is PERSONAL

Thanks to my pal Sandra Cox, careers supremo at NESCOT (North East Surrey College Of Technology), I found out it was National Career Week this week.  Good job somebody's on the ball! Knowing this, I put my mind to creating something visual and helpful. With so much information and so many stories about careers available,... Continue Reading →


I'm generally a positive, proactive soul.  There are times, however, when, like many people, I feel a bit, shall we say, 'off'.  This happened to me recently. These days though, when I recognise the signs, I turn to kindness rather than a mental cosh. For me, tapping into the artistic side of my creativity and... Continue Reading →

Opportunity Knocks

It's a week since the brilliant gdb Re-energise Conference and I'm still buzzing from the whole experience.  I feel very lucky that I was able to mix being a speaker with getting to know others at the event and, at the same time, learn from my fellow speakers.  Epic! While out walking, I pondered on... Continue Reading →

An Ode For 2020

I ended last year with a rhyme Which helped us to reflect. This one for the new year Is to help with what comes next. Reflection sparks much good intent Is surely is a fact. What I'll be sharing shortly Is a way to start; to ACT. Re-energising your career Can seem like a big... Continue Reading →

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