My Episode on LifeBlood Podcast

I hope you enjoy listening to my conversation with George Grombacher on his LifeBlood podcast. We talk about creating a career you love. One where you can balance heart and mind to build the ever-evolving story of your professional life. It was a pleasure to be a guest and an honour to be invited...

3 Career Mix Must-haves

When your career adventure is in full flow with... its twists and turns its ups and downs, ...tapping into these three can help you gain fresh perspective and keep your career energy high. Humanity - because different people are always part of your unique career mix. Cherish your champions. Humility - because sometimes you... Continue Reading →

Dodging Your De-energisers

With Halloween just around the corner my thoughts turned to all things ghoulish and gruesome. Mwah-hah-hah! Regardless of how positive you are, we all have a dark-side. It may be transient. It may stay a while. Plus, you are bound to meet, or have already met, some people who may not have your best interests... Continue Reading →

Your Woo-Whoa Cocktail

When excitement meets trepidation it's a heady mix. Battles between emotion and logic make a potent cocktail. The Woo Whoa has landed! Woo; it's exciting Whoa; negative voices try to put on brakes Getting past this powerful and heady elixir can be a challenge. Every time you want to make a move, you find reasons... Continue Reading →

A Small Gift To Yourself

One of the most productive shifts you can make when it comes to your career development is to see it as... ... a smaller regular activity. Rather than a massive investment when the brown stuff hits the fan or when you want to / have to make a change. In a dynamic career landscape when... Continue Reading →

Say Goodbye to the Flat-pack

Following flat-packed formulae from the 'how-to' library isn't the route to success in our dynamic 21st century career landscape. Bold words - maybe. Based on practitioner research and experience - definitely. I've spent years as a career nomad, moving, evolving and re-inventing. Plus working with our brightest minds and most entrepreneurial spirits gave me insights... Continue Reading →

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