A to Z of Kick-starting Your Career

Everyone’s career has to start somewhere.  The early stage is an exciting and transitional time because getting in the career zone is new, unknown territory.   It is also a time when recognising your value and your potential can sometimes be a challenge. Inspired by a multitude of career conversations and my own experiences I... Continue Reading →

Instagram and Me

I had never considered myself as an Instagram-type person.  Whatever that is?!!!  As I'm not glamorous, famous or a celeb, my head said it wasn't for me.  As my head sometimes needs a little bit of extra help, I decided to listen to my heart as well. Jump forward a few weeks and I've joined... Continue Reading →

Valuing Your Treasures

I've had the privilege of working with two more cross-disciplinary groups of talented STEM doctoral researchers on my Shaping The Future Together programme.  They were an inspiration. What was reinforced to me yet again was just how important 'appreciating what you have' is in the good old career and professional development mix. Any strategist worth... Continue Reading →

Innovating Your Career Goes to Dublin

Springboard to Success Of all the learning experiences I've undertaken the PhD/doctoral one is unlike any other.  I really value how it has given me a sense of endless possibilities and brought rigour and challenge to my thinking.  Always pushing me to go just that one...or...two...or...ten steps further. This is one of the reasons I... Continue Reading →

Your Cloak of Visibility

Check out your favourite superhero franchise or copy of Harry Potter and invisibility seems to come in very handy when you're helping save the world; foiling super-villains. Meanwhile, back in the real world, our professional lives often dictate that invisibility isn't an option and we have to put ourselves in the spotlight most days.  ... Continue Reading →

A to Z of Re-energising Your Career

For many reasons people fall out of love with their careers.  Aspirations evolve; priorities shift; circumstances change.  Recognising the signs and being aware something doesn’t feel right are starting points for digging deeper and moving forward. Inspired by a multitude of career conversations and my own experiences I have created a new Innovating Your Career*... Continue Reading →

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