Your Waiting Weighting

I love words and the use of language. Recently, while doing a crossword, I started to ponder on words which sound the same yet mean something different and are spelt differently. Apparently homophones is the techical term. Mixed with current circumstances and my natural life-long tendency towards impatience [generally with myself 😉 ], my mind... Continue Reading →

Chosing to Fail

Some wear failure like a badge of honour. Using it to show their bounce-back-ability and media-worthy credentials. Some don't see plans going awry as failure. Prefering instead to see it as the ups and downs of life and a chance to learn. And some have a real, and personally challenging, fear of failure. Author Robert... Continue Reading →

Prickly Problems

Have you ever heard of the phrase - "grasping the nettle"? It has various dictionary definitions. In essence, it means: ... to push yourself to do something that you know or think will be difficult or unpleasant. It might be a problem you've been putting off dealing with; a task you don't like doing; a... Continue Reading →

Not Knowing Equals Growing

Even if you're an experienced professional with plenty of career miles under your belt, there are times when you just don't know where to turn next. You can inspire the next generation with your career stories. You can support team members with their aspirations. Yet when you turn the mirror on yourself... …nothing; nada; zilch.... Continue Reading →

An Ode to Life and Career

Wherever you are in this big old world;Whatever you like and do,Here’s a special seasonal messageEspecially for you. Life and career have their ups n downsThere’s no denying that.Dreams and plans can sky-rocket.Sometimes they just go splat. Martin and me know what it’s likeTo lose and re-invent.Letting go of stuff can help you grow.And it... Continue Reading →

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