Naughty But…

Feeling like a bit of comedy, I decided to watch Comedians Home Alone on BBC iPlayer. An eclectic collection of the irreverent and the absurd, courtesy of some of UK comedy's household names. Watching their interpretations and use of whatever came to hand (only Vic Reeves could have a stock of multi-coloured wigs in his... Continue Reading →

This Week in Pictures

Inspired by a recent pictorial challenge set me by the lovely Dr Julie Reeves at the Uni of Southampton, I decided to try something different on the blogging front.  Well, different for me.  Nothing revolutionary, so don't get too excited. Welcome to the first attempt, sorry I mean edition, of this week in pictures... ---... Continue Reading →

Back To Basics: The Spark

I hold my hands up, I've been a bit stuck.  Being kind to myself, and given the current circumstances, this is quite understandable.  Yet, it was still frustrating the hell out of me! Then, as often happens, the spark of inspiration came.  Not from a worthy tome or a thoughtful suggestion; from a chance encounter... Continue Reading →


I'm generally a positive, proactive soul.  There are times, however, when, like many people, I feel a bit, shall we say, 'off'.  This happened to me recently. These days though, when I recognise the signs, I turn to kindness rather than a mental cosh. For me, tapping into the artistic side of my creativity and... Continue Reading →

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