Are You Rejecting Yourself?

Rejection, in general terms, often seems to involve somebody or something else. 'You're not the one for this job, promotion or project.' 'I'm not going to buy a,b,c because I don't like x,y,z.' But what happens when it doesn't... and the only character in your rejection scenario is you? When you challenge yourself in new... Continue Reading →

Is Your Ego Getting In The Way?

According to the Chambers Pocket Dictionary, the definition of ego is ‘personal pride’ or ‘one’s image of oneself.’ When it comes to your career and capabilities, having high self esteem and confidence in your abilities are all great characteristics.   Having an ego the size of a house is not. Like any good chemist knows,... Continue Reading →

Naughty But…

Feeling like a bit of comedy, I decided to watch Comedians Home Alone on BBC iPlayer. An eclectic collection of the irreverent and the absurd, courtesy of some of UK comedy's household names. Watching their interpretations and use of whatever came to hand (only Vic Reeves could have a stock of multi-coloured wigs in his... Continue Reading →

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