Your Cloak of Visibility

This piece was originally published in early 2019. Welcome to the 2021 edit. *** Check out your favourite superhero franchise or copy of Harry Potter and invisibility seems to come in very handy when you're helping save the world; foiling super-villains. Meanwhile, back in the real world, your professional life often dictates that invisibility isn't... Continue Reading →

Portable Personal Power

One thing is for certain, whatever twists and turns your professional story takes, the constant factor is you. Capabilities, skills, experience. The power you have goes with you everywhere. Forget job titles and always being the cleverest person in the room, this is your Portable Personal Power. What I mean by Portable Personal Power (PPP)... Continue Reading →

7 PITSTOP Tips: The 2020 Edit

In your professional life and your career, change is always present. It's what creates gaps and opportunities. However, finding yourself in the midst of constant unrelenting change can often feel like you're running in the fast lane. Reflecting on how much better I feel for stopping and resting recently, I was inspired to create The... Continue Reading →

Are You Rejecting Yourself?

Rejection, in general terms, often seems to involve somebody or something else. 'You're not the one for this job, promotion or project.' 'I'm not going to buy a,b,c because I don't like x,y,z.' But what happens when it doesn't... and the only character in your rejection scenario is you? When you challenge yourself in new... Continue Reading →

Is Your Ego Getting In The Way?

According to the Chambers Pocket Dictionary, the definition of ego is ‘personal pride’ or ‘one’s image of oneself.’ When it comes to your career and capabilities, having high self esteem and confidence in your abilities are all great characteristics.   Having an ego the size of a house is not. Like any good chemist knows,... Continue Reading →

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