Building Trust Together

I knew being invited to be a podcast guest was a great opportunity. Then the inner critic kicked in! Must be a mistake, why would they want you. Blah, blah, blah. Chuckling to myself, as I generally do now when my inner critic randomly goes on a bit of a rant, I found George Grombacher’s... Continue Reading →

Making a Value Match

Let me tell you the tale of the tea-making vacuum cleaner. Once upon a time in the midst of my corporate career I was on one of my career pivot missions. Wanting to transition into new executive-level territory. Talking with a recruiter, they explained, ‘It’s all very well being able to do all that but... Continue Reading →

Guest Voice. Stand Out From The Crowd

Moving into new career territory means showcasing yourself in new ways to new audiences. Plus marketing yourself doesn't always come easily to everyone. Having personally benefited from the support of a well-respected marketing guru, I knew exactly who to turn to for the next article in my Guest Voice series. Someone who knows all about... Continue Reading →

Guest Voice. Taking A Look At Brand ‘You’

I'd been thinking about the subject of personal power and identity and the part it plays in your career pivot adventure. As I pondered away, it struck me that, when it comes to personal branding and positioning, there are plenty of great lessons to be learnt from the world of business. With this in mind... Continue Reading →

Harnessing Your Visual Voice

While exploring the collection of photos presented on Unsplash, I came across the image below by Liao Je Wei. It grabbed my attention immediately. The composition, the colour, the thoughts it triggered. Regardless of your artistic ability or eye, tapping into a more visual way of presenting your thoughts can help you process what you... Continue Reading →

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