Guest Voice. Stand Out From The Crowd

Moving into new career territory means showcasing yourself in new ways to new audiences. Plus marketing yourself doesn't always come easily to everyone. Having personally benefited from the support of a well-respected marketing guru, I knew exactly who to turn to for the next article in my Guest Voice series. Someone who knows all about... Continue Reading →

Guest Voice. Imagination: Social Champion’s View

As I shared in yesterday's post, trying something new, imagining a new future for yourself are part of any successful career pivot. And your imagination is a key part of the mix. Following on from Daisy's insights on how she fuels her imagination and what inspires her, it's time to hear from someone who has... Continue Reading →

Guest Voice. Imagination: Quantum Physicist’s View

Trying something new, imagining a new future for yourself are part of any successful career pivot. Being able to do this requires the help of a very special ally which, for many adults, is a forgotten friend. I'm talking about your imagination. Blessed to know many creative, ingenious and imaginative souls I decided to turned... Continue Reading →

Guest Voice: Making Uncertainty Your Friend

As some of you know, my career was launched by a PhD in Chemistry. Being more comfortable with the unknown and working out ways to make the most of it are all part of the doctoral experience. With links between the doctoral world and what it's like to pivot your career into new territory bubbling... Continue Reading →

Guest Voice. Taking A Look At Brand ‘You’

I'd been thinking about the subject of personal power and identity and the part it plays in your career pivot adventure. As I pondered away, it struck me that, when it comes to personal branding and positioning, there are plenty of great lessons to be learnt from the world of business. With this in mind... Continue Reading →

Guest Voices Galore

This week is guest week...and I'm very excited. Starting on Tuesday, four guest blogs over four days sharing insights into imagination, personal branding plus thriving and exploring in uncertainty. You'll be hearing from... Mark Vaesen [ read Mark's post here... ]Dr Julie Reeves [ read Julie's post here... ]Daisy Shearer [ read Daisy's post here...... Continue Reading →

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