Guest Voice. Stand Out From The Crowd

Moving into new career territory means showcasing yourself in new ways to new audiences.

Plus marketing yourself doesn’t always come easily to everyone.

Having personally benefited from the support of a well-respected marketing guru, I knew exactly who to turn to for the next article in my Guest Voice series. Someone who knows all about helping you stand out from the crowd.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to…

Nicola Macdonald of Attractive Marketing

About Nicola: I help solo business owners gain premium paying clients through a fully supported online 6 months programme where they develop sound marketing strategies and deliver compelling marketing messages with confidence.

Elaine… Let’s talk about marketing. I bet that surprised you! Taking a top level view, regardless of whether it’s a business, product or individual what is marketing and why does it matter?

Nicola… I have two quotes which I use to set the marketing scene.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines marketing as, “the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.”

Many business owners get extremely nervous about niching, feeling they need to cast the net wide to attract enough customers. The truth is, the narrower the focus the easier it is to ‘identify’, ‘anticipate’, ‘satisfy’ and charge a premium price. So why wouldn’t you?

Peter Doyle, one of the world’s leading consultants on marketing and strategy says, “Marketing is a philosophy of business that places the customer at the centre of the universe.”

This stops us naval gazing! It’s not about you, it’s about your customers. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your own world and forget to look out of the window and make yourself relevant to those you wish to attract.

Elaine… Continuing with the theme of attraction, you help one-person businesses stand out and be attractive to their audience. What approaches from this work could help people moving into new career territory who need to showcase themselves in a new way to a new audience?

Nicola… When a solo business owner communicates with a prospective dream client, it’s no different to preparing the path that will land you your dream job.

The first thing I get my clients to check is they are:

1) Loving what they do
2) Providing tons of value and gaining tangible results
3) Charging a fair price (not giving loads away for free, but attracting premium paying clients)

If one of these areas is not quite on track, things start to become a chore.

When all three areas are in alignment the positive energy flows through their marketing messages, they’re motivated and confident to show up consistently and they gain the rewards they deserve.

Similar checks can be made as you prepare to move successfully into a new phase of your career.

Another issue business owners struggle with is that they are brilliant at what they do, but find it nauseatingly awkward to shout this from the roof tops.

There’s an easy way to blow your own trumpet; get others to do it for you!

For the business owner it’s testimonials and client success stories.

For someone moving into new career territory it would be examples of challenges overcome and great results delivered. Stories are powerful and persuasive.

Elaine… One platform which seems to have become known as the ‘place’ to showcase yourself professionally is LinkedIn. And you happen to be a guru. No pressure! What insights & tips can you share to help with showcasing a ‘re-invented you’ using LinkedIn?

Nicola… LinkedIn is an extremely crowded and noisy platform, yet there are plenty of opportunities to attract positive attention and get your message across.

Getting the most from LinkedIn includes:

  1. Your profile
  2. Searching and connecting
  3. Networking (posting and commenting)

The Headline (160 characters under your name) is often wasted on a job title. Instead, describe whose attention you want and why. Your headline is incredibly important because it follows you around, appearing in searches and when you comment on posts.

The About section is your shop window! Using the 2000 characters as a CV is a waste. This space can be used to tell your compelling story, what’s driving you, what your aiming for and why.

When a business owner knows their ideal client inside out it’s easier to search for them. How well do you know who you want to have life changing conversations with?

Once you’ve found those you wish to connect with and if they are posting, get involved in their conversations by commenting on their posts. This is a great way to get on their radar. When the time is right a direct approach you won’t feel so awkward. They may even contact you first!

Elaine… When you run your own business like you do, you have to be constantly evolving and learning. Please could you share with us something you have learnt in the last 12 months which helped you change perspective. Why did it help you?

Nicola… What’s my one tip in time of change? Keep asking for help.

Since I started Attractive Marketing in 2011 I’ve attended a few workshops to improve my skills, but this summer I invested a few thousand in an online programme with training and amazing support.

My achievements in a short space of time have been astonishing. Within 7 weeks I’d created my own online programme and sold 18 places. This returned almost 50% of my investment.

Do I wish I’d done this earlier? Honestly, yes. But I also recognise that the timing has to be right.

My great thanks go to Nicola. Brilliant! If you’d like to connect or start a conversation, you’ll find her here…

LinkedIn: nicolamacdonald
Twitter: AttractiveMktg
Instagram: attractivemarketing
Facebook: AttractiveMarketing

Header image courtesy of Lucas Benjamin on Unsplash

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