Hello 2017

Another new year has arrived.  I can't wait for all the opportunities and learning it's going to bring.  When I decided to end last year's blogging with a quotation I decided to begin 2017's blogging with one too.  And yes, you've guessed it, here's another apt and thoughtful piece from author, William Arthur Ward (1921... Continue Reading →

Goodbye 2016

Well here we are again at the end of another year.  And what a year it has been.  Rather than follow tradition and share lists and lessons learnt, I decided my last blog post of 2016 would share one of my favourite quotations from author, William Arthur Ward (1921 to 1994)... Every person has the... Continue Reading →

Proud To Be In Print

It is fair to say that being featured in People Management in May was a proud moment for me.  Many thanks to the editorial team for the opportunity. Special thanks goes to two true professionals.  Writing ace, Grace Lewis.  Twas great to work with you.  And photographer, Simon Fernandez.  Who knew that posing could be... Continue Reading →

Halloween Horrors

So Halloween's the day for all things ghoulish and gruesome.  Fake blood, scary costumes and tales to make you shiver.  And the world of leadership is not immune from Halloween horrors. Here are some characters you may recognise...   

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