You Are A Skills Collector

I started my annual ritual of collecting seeds a few weeks ago. Lupin, chive, poppy, aqualeiga... a mix from the border and herb patch. This got me thinking Don't worry, I'm not going for the 'seeds of change' vibe 😉 We don't use all of our skills all of the time. And some of them... Continue Reading →

Teen Spirit Rewind

Once upon a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth... ... I was in my teens. Well, maybe not that long ago but it's long enough. Over recent months, I have found myself naturally, and through circumstance, re-finding, what I can only describe as my teen spirit. No, I'm not going back to being a goth.... Continue Reading →

A Poem of Thanks

As the end of the year draws near It's a time for reflection and cheer So grab a brew Think of who helped you And thank them for being so dear. Think of those who were always there When you were feeling stuck or unclear They listened a while And made you smile Calmly lending... Continue Reading →

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