Spotlight on Strategy #5

In this final part of the Spotlight on Strategy series we'll be exploring how bad strategy, group think, zombie boards and ivory tower syndrome can signal downfall for large, apparently successful organisations. Becoming supreme in your industry requires skill and determination; staying there and evolving requires even more. Ivory Tower Syndrome ivory tower: "a state... Continue Reading →

Spotlight on Strategy #4

In this part of the Spotlight on Strategy series we'll be exploring how strategy and strategic thinking can be applied to situations where organisations are experiencing distress and turnaround is needed. Thinking strategically when an organisation is under pressure is often assumed by some to be a luxury.  This is far from the case. Taking... Continue Reading →

Spotlight on Strategy #3

In this part of the Spotlight on Strategy series we'll be exploring how strategy and strategic thinking can help smaller organisations. Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, here are three key facts regarding smaller businesses: Smaller businesses or SMEs (small to medium enterprises) are usually defined as businesses with less than 250 employees. According... Continue Reading →

Spotlight on Strategy #2

To get the Spotlight on Strategy series underway, I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at a few terms.  Gives us chance to warm-up a little and get in the strategy zone. Top Terms Strategy: is a flexible, dynamic process enabling us to decide on a set of strategic choices... Continue Reading →

Spotlight on Strategy #1

This is a brief post to introduce my upcoming Spotlight on Strategy Series. Strategy is an area I’m particularly interested in and I appreciate the value of taking a more strategic approach. Over the next couple of weeks we'll be exploring different scenarios where strategy and strategic thinking are key to positive change and sustainability.... Continue Reading →

Strategy in 60s

To me strategy is a living, breathing process which helps us look beyond the end of our noses, explore possibilities and make informed choices.  It's got nothing to do with stuffy, boring old plans. I love strategic thinking and here's why... Related Resources Learning and Strategy Paper Learning Strategy Strategy in Context Spotlight on Strategy:... Continue Reading →

The Strategic Shift

As our professional paths evolve many of us are asked to take on more strategic responsibilities.  For some the expectation of being more strategic can be at odds with their personality and experience to date.  This conflict may result in a feeling of being overwhelmed... of being 'stuck'.  Perfectly natural and understandable, there are many... Continue Reading →

Cinderella Strategy

As we approach the festive season and a trip to the panto finds its way into many peoples' social schedules, I thought I would take a panto-inspired view of strategy.  OK, I may need to get out more but it worked for me 🙂 I’ve been around the block, as they say, and it still... Continue Reading →

No Ivory Towers Here!

I have been pondering about strategy over recent weeks and how often it can be misunderstood and underutilised. You see, strategy shouldn't live in the ivory tower of the board room or with the person who has the 'strategy badge'; it is something for everyone.  It's a discipline and mindset that can help us whatever... Continue Reading →

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